How to Find Jobs in Switzerland as Foreigner

Canada or UK which is easy for study abroad visa in Nigeria

Living and working in Switzerland is a dream come true for many foreigners. This is because of the financial and social benefits that the European country offers. Apart from the beautiful valleys and mountains of Switzerland, one of the most enticing thing about the country its it’s standard of living and wage. Hence, many foreigners … Read more

Best Jobs in Canada for International Students

Many international students in Canada rely on their part jobs in Canada to make money for their living expenses and even tuition. This is why it is important to target high paying jobs for international students in Canada. One of the immigration rules guiding international students in Canada is capping of working hours. There is … Read more

How To Get International Driver’s License: Costs & Requirements in Nigeria

Driver's License in Nigeria

Getting international driver’s license in Nigeria is not something very popular. Hence, many people are aware of where obtain international driver’s license or agency in Nigeria that issues international driver’s license. But amongst many Nigerians living abroad, this is very popular document as it is a permit that can allow you drive upon arrival in … Read more

Safest Countries in Africa To Visit as Foreigner

Africa is very attractive to tourists globally as a result of the continent’s rich cultural heritage, wildlife and the people.   While many tourists find visiting Africa very fascinating and enchanting, going to certain African countries involves some security risks. So, it is imperative to make your research and work with security details and Intels … Read more

Where in Nigeria Does Snow Fall?

A lot of foreigners and Nigerians always ask does snow fall in any part of Nigeria? Where in Nigeria does it snow during winter? Find out about snow in Nigeria in this post. It can get extreme cold in some parts of Nigeria but it doesn’t snow in any part of Nigeria all around the … Read more

Top 10 Coldest States in Nigeria & Temperature

This write up is a compilation of the coldest states in Nigeria especially during harmattan season or winter period.   In the 36 states in Nigeria and FCT, the weather conditions experienced in each varies. Some states in Nigeria as result of their geographical location and environment experience extreme weather conditions at different periods of … Read more

Best Cinemas in Lagos

major cinemas in Lagos nigeria

There are couple of movie theatre and cinemas in Lagos Nigeria. This post will review best Cinemas in Lagos. Nigeria’s booming movie industry has seen an increase in cinemas across the country. Particularly, over 90% of Cinemas in Nigeria can be found in Lagos. The reason is not far fetched as the city is the … Read more