How To Access Bank Accounts of Deceased Person in Nigeria

How To Withdraw Money from Deceased Bank Account in Nigeria

Not many people in Nigeria are aware of the process that involves accessing and withdrawing money from deceased Bank account.

Accessing and withdrawing money of dead relatives in bank in Nigeria

Even as next of kin, which is usually demanded when opening accounts with banks in Nigeria, benefactors and next of kin are always at loss on how to recover money of dead person in bank in Nigeria.

This is the major issue to be discussed in this post.

Sometimes, relatives and friends dies living huge sum stacked away in banks.

These moneys are suppose to be claimed by next of kin and benefactors.

However, most times people ask pertinent questions like how can I access bank account of my deceased parents or how do I withdraw money from bank account of my deceased parents or relative.

All these and more will be talked about in this article.

This write up will x-ray how next of kin works in Nigeria especially next of kin in bank.

Accessing Bank Account of Deceased Person in Nigeria by Next of Kin

Next of kin are always required when opening bank accounts or establishing /acquiring investments as a result of emergencies like death.

In Nigeria, people are yet to embrace the culture of writing will.

Hence, most people disagree over properties, moneys and investments of their deceased relatives.

Be that as it may, accessing and withdrawing moneys of deceased in bank in Nigeria is always major concern for many next of kin.

Ordinarily, money of deceased in banks can only be claimed by next of kin and benefactors.

However, before this is done, there are many steps to accessing bank accounts of deceased in Nigeria that has to be followed.

The account of a dead person is referred to as estate accounts.

So, it is also not out of order to ask how to access estate accounts in Nigeria.

How To Access / Withdraw Dead Person Money in Nigerian Bank

When someone who has account with bank dies, their account becomes estate account.

This account can only be access by persons identified as executor, benefactor or next of kin.

Persons with these status can do the following: withdraw money from bank in Nigeria after death of account owner, withdraw money from deceased Bank account in Nigeria.

These are steps next of kin can take to withdraw money from bank accounts of dead relatives.

Report To Bank

This is the first step to recover money of dead person in bank in Nigeria.

The next of kin, benefactor or administrator should make an official report to the bank or financial institutions notifying them about loss of an account holder.

With this, the bank puts restrictions on the account known as “PND” which stands for Place No Debit.

Thus ensures that money wouldn’t be withdrawn from the account till further notice.

Get Letter of Administration From Court

This is another step to getting back and accessing money of dead person in bank in.

The benefactor or next of kin move to a court better known as Probate Registry to obtain legal backing which enables him or her to access dead person bank accounts in Nigeria.

This is done by court issuing a document known as “Administration” to the next of kin or benefactor.

Serve Administration to Bank

At this stage, the next of kin or benefactor or executor returns to bank and serve the bank or banks with the legal backing (Administration) obtained from court for onward unrestriction and access to bank account of the dead person.

Payment of Deceased Money to Next of Kin / Benefactor

The banks haven been furnished with the legal backing will proceed and pay or allow next of kin access bank accounts of his or her deceased relatives or parents.

There is a clause which states that if the money in the deceased bank account is below N50,000, the next of kin or benefactor will be paid over the counter.

However, if above N50,000, benefactor will be required to open an account known as Estate Account.

Upon successful opening of this account, the deceased money will be transferred to the estate account for the benefactor or next of kin to access as a signatory.

End Note on How to Access and Withdraw Money from Dead Person Bank Account in Nigeria

Sometimes, people find it difficult or cumbersome to access estate account.

If you wouldn’t want to go through the rigor of getting back money in account of dead relatives in which you are a benefactor or next of kin, then you can easily hire services of a lawyer.

However, make sure there is a reasonable sum in the account to cover the legal service.


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