Airtel Cheapest Data Plans in Nigeria (2024)

Airtel Most Cheap Data Plans

Airtel, a leading telecommunication network provider in West Africa is known for its massive and cheap data services in Nigeria.

Airtel Cheapest Data Plans in Nigeria

Airtel Data services in Nigeria is competing highly with data services of other telecommunications network providers.

Airtel is the one of network providers with the cheapest data services in Nigeria. Find out which Airtel data plans is the cheapest.

In this article, we will be providing the cheapest Airtel data plans in Nigeria.

Many have attributed the high patronage of Airtel services in Nigeria to their provision of cheap data and internet services.

The coverage of Airtel network in Nigeria is one of the best in Nigeria alongside MTN and GLO.

So, users need not to worry about network when trying to buy data services from the network provider.

Many customers usually asks, which Airtel data plan is the cheapest in Nigeria.

All these and more this post sets out to discuss and explain.

Cheapest Airtel Data Plans in Nigeria

Most Airtel customers has insisted that they prefer Airtel one month data plans that is cheap.

This is why Airtel cheap one month data plan will be our major discourse in this post.

Below are some major Airtel 1 month data plans in Nigeria.

Cheap Airtel Monthly Data Plans in Nigeria

This is list of all monthly data plans of Airtel Nigeria and their data cap as well as cost of these Airtel one month data plans.

Airtel 30 Days Data Plans in Nigeria

N1000 – 1.5GB
N1200 – 2GB
N1500 – 3GB
N2000 – 4.5GB
N2500 – 6GB
N3000 – 10GB
N4000 – 30GB
N5000 – 40GB

Cheap Airtel Weekly Data Plans

Airtel also offer data plans and services on weekly validity that is cheap and affordable.

Some of the Airtel cheapest weekly data plans are as follows.

Airtel 7 Days Plans in Nigeria

N500 – 1GB
N1500 – 6GB
N300 – 350 MB
N100 – All Social Media Networks

Cheapest Airtel Daily Data Plans

There are some Airtel data plans that is designed to last for 24 hrs.

These plans are called Airtel daily data plans. They are most suitable for Airtel data plans for live streaming like football match etc.

They are also among the best Airtel data plans for downloading movies and TV series.

Here are some of the cheap Airtel daily data plans.

Daily Airtel Data Plans in Nigeria

N500 – 2GB
N300 – 1GB
N100 – 100MB
N50 – 40MB

Airtel Mega Data Plans

Here we will talk about the one of the biggest Airtel data plans in Nigeria.

These includes the cost of Airtel unlimited data plans in Nigeria.

Below are some of the highest and biggest Airtel data plans in Nigeria.

N20,000 – 120GB
N15,000 – 75GB
N10,000 – 40GB
N8000 – 25GB
N5000 – 40GB

Biggest Airtel Data Plans in Nigeria

Airtel network also offer what is called big data plans in Nigeria.

It is rated the cheapest Airtel data plans in terms of values.

It is also the highest and most capped Airtel data bundle / Plans in Nigeria.

It is the best Airtel data plans for businesses, streaming of live events and for family use.

Below is the list of biggest Airtel data plans in Nigeria.

N100,000 – 1TB for 1 year
N60,000 – 500GB for 120 days
N50,000 – 400GB for 90 days
N36,000 – 280GB for 30 days
N30,000 – 200GB for 30 days

How To Activate Airtel Data Plans in Nigeria 

This is for those who are coming on to the telecommunications network provider new and who may not be in the know of how to activate Airtel data plans in Nigeria.

We will be providing the code for activating or subscribing Airtel data plans in Nigeria.

Airtel data plans can be activated by dialing *141# on your mobile phone and follow up the instructions.

It is easy, fast and simple to activate Airtel data plans in Nigeria.


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