Airtel Data Subscription Code for 5000 to get 40GB

Airtel is one of the leading telecommunication companies and internet network providers in Nigeria.

Airtel Cheapest Data Plans in Nigeria

Airtel has been in constant competition with other telecoms in quest to provide reliable and cheap data plans.

Many internet users in Nigeria make use of Airtel network not just because of the quality of Airtel data network but Airtel is adjudged to have some of the cheapest data plans in Nigeria.

This article will review Airtel cheapest data plans in Nigeria. Specifically, we will look at Airtel data subscription code for 5000 to get 40GB and other Airtel cheapest one month data plans.

With people becoming increasingly glued to their smartphones watching clips and browsing the internet, data has become a very essential commodity among many especially the youths.

But the telecommunication companies has continued to raise the price of their data services specifically the one month data plans.

Many people have become encouraged to go for mega plans and these are plans the are considered expensive and have higher data values.

Of all Airtel one month data plans, one data bundle has become very popular and is highly subscribed by a good number of Airtel data users. This is Airtel 5000 monthly data plan for 40Gb.

This blog post will provide you with which code is used for Airtel 5000 for 40gb. We will also provide you with other Airtel cheapest monthly data plans and their subscription code.

What is Airtel Code to Get 40GB for 5000?

If you’re are looking for Airtel code for 5000 to get 40GB, this section of the post will provide it.

Before now the Airtel code for 5000 to get 40GB is *141#. Since the NCC unification of basic codes for telecommunication services among major telecommunication companies in Nigeria, the code for Airtel 5000 subscription for 40gb has changed.

The code for subscribing Airtel 5000 for 40GB is *312#. This code is for Airtel data plan purchase generally.

However, we will provide you with directive on how to locate this much asked after Airtel Subscription plan.

How To Buy Airtel Data 40GB for 5000

If you want to subscribe to Airtel 5000 to get 40gb, follow this simple step and process.

  • Dial *312#
  • Select “My Area”
  • Select ” 5000/40GB/30Days

The above three simple steps will leave you with 40GB at the cost of 5000. But make sure you have Airtel airtime worth 5000 before requesting for this service.

Airtel Subscription Code for 3000 to Get 20GB

If you are looking for cheapest Airtel data subscription plan for 1 month,then you can look at this Airtel data plan. This is one of the cheapest Airtel monthly Data plans.

It also has 30days validity and is considerably cheap when compared with what obtains in what other data service providers offer.

Here is how you can subscribe to Airtel 3000 to get 20GB one month plan.

  • Dial *312#
  • Select “My Area”
  • Select ” 3000/20GB/30Days

How To Subscribe to Airtel Data Plans

The General Way to subscribe to Airtel data plan is to dial *312# on the Airtel line.

This will provide you with wide arrays of different Airtel data subscription plans including monthly Airtel plans, Weekly Airtel plans as well as Airtel daily data plans.

From the Pool of plans, you can select the most desirable of them and make an activation. This is the official Airtel code for data subscription plan.


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