Akwa Ibom State Population (2023)

What is The Population of Akwa Ibom State

In this article, we will be providing the population of Akwa Ibom, a state in Nigeria.

Population of Akwa Ibom

Nigeria has many issues concerning its population.

This is as a result of appropriate periodic census.

The result of the above is it that the actual population of Nigeria as a nation is based on estimations.

Same goes for population of states in Nigeria.

Despite efforts from state governments and NGOs like churches towards carrying out census and obtaining the population figures especially in their states, yielding the right results has been mirage.

However, experts have resorted to use of projections and estimations to find the population of cities and states in Nigeria.

So, in this post, Akwa Ibom state population will be discussed.

Akwa Ibom state is a Nigerian state in southern part of the country.

It is one of the biggest oil producing states in Nigeria.

The major occupation of Akwa Ibom people are agriculture, trading and civil service.

The capital of the state is Uyo. Read on while we unveil the current population of Akwa Ibom state and its capital Uyo.

Population of Akwa Ibom is estimated to be growing on 3.46% annually as monitored between 2006 to 2011.

As at 2011,the population of Akwa Ibom was estimated at 4,625,100.

This Akwa Ibom state population represented 2.824% of Nigeria’s entire population.

If the population growth of Akwa Ibom maintains same growth ratio as between 2006 to 2011, then the population of Akwa Ibom will be growing slightly above 3% yearly.

Using population projection and estimations index, current population of Akwa Ibom state is estimated to be 6,497,967.

This Akwa Ibom population figures ranks the state as one of the most populated states in southern Nigeria and south-south geo political zone of Nigeria.

Population of Uyo

In this segment of the post, we will talk about current population of Uyo.

Akwa Ibom state capital Uyo population is estimated at 1,318,738.

This is a significant increase from 2015 Uyo population figure which was put at 847,500.

Uyo is the biggest city in Akwa Ibom state. It has the highest number of residents and persons living in the state.

Uyo population is projected to reach over 2 million residents by the year 2035.

Akwa Ibom State Population: Overview

The current population of Akwa Ibom state includes both children, youths and elderly.

Uyo is the city in Akwa Ibom with highest population.

Greater population of persons living in Akwa Ibom state are traders and civil servants.

Other cities with high population in Akwa Ibom State includes:


Ikot Ekpene

Ikot Abasi


The population of the state is expected to continue to grow as more oil firms and companies move into the state thereby attracting job seekers and businesses.

Akwa Ibom is the third state with highest population in south-south behind Rivers state snd Edo state.

Akwa Ibom state is made up of 31 local councils and three senatorial districts.

The state is multi ethnic. However, biggest ethic group in Akwa Ibom is the Ibibios.

This ethic group is followed closely by Oron and Annang.

They are the ethic groups with highest population in Akwa Ibom state.


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