All Innoson Car Brands and Prices In Nigeria (2024)

In this post, we bring to you list of all Innoson cars and how much Innoson cars are sold in Nigeria. Innoson Vehicle Motors is the first indigenous car manufacturer in Nigeria.

prices of innoson cars in nigeria

The auto brand focuses on manufacturing of affordable and durable cars and vehicles for Nigerians and Africans.

The Nigerian car producing company aims to make acquisition of cars and vehicles easier and cheaper for Nigerian, hence their policy on 3 years installment payments on their cars for Nigerian customers.

The price of cheapest Innoson cars in Nigeria are almost same with price of tokunbo or already used cars in Nigeria.

So, some people prefer to go for Innoson cars instead of imported already used cars. Innoson cars are of over 8 different brands with Innoson Fox and Innoson Umu some of the company’s cheapest cars.

Innoson G-80 is the most expensive Innoson car in Nigeria. The car is built in replica of Mercedes G guard.

Prices of Innoson Cars In Nigeria

Below are comprehensive and accurate prices of Innoson cars & vehicles in Nigeria currently.

Innoson Fox: N4 million

Innoson Fox is one of the cheapest Innoson cars in Nigeria. The car is sporty built and fit for Nigerian roads.

Innoson fox comes mostly in black, white and red colors. The car is fuel efficient and provides overall fun driving experience.

Innoson Umu: N4.1 million

Innoson Umu is also among cheap Innoson cars in Nigeria. Umu is corporately built and can provide both best private use experience and organizational use.


Eagle-eye headlights, reinforced shock absorbers and wing-like bumpers are some of the obvious looks and builds of Innoson Umu.

Innoson G5: N7 million


Innoson G5 is the cheapest Innoson jeeps in Nigeria. It is also one of the most used Innoson cars in Nigeria. Strongly built for Nigerian roads and weather.

The SUV is designed to provide a comforting driving experience.

Innoson G6: N7.5 million

Innoson G6 is carefully designed and is rugged SUV specially made to keep up with tough terrain and weather.

Just like other Innoson vehicles, G6 comes with a whole lot of features that will provide great user experience. Its big wheels and strong shock absorbers are perfect for African environment.

Innoson G40: N17.5 million

Innoson G40 is among the most expensive Innoson SUVs. The car is built to compete among the world top SUVs with its specifications and high-end features. G40 is also tagged car for adventure seekers.

Innoson G80: N27,852,000

The most expensive Innoson car is Innoson G80. The SUV is built in the mold of Mercedes G guard. Rugged, Bold and powerful.

The SUV stands out with its luxurious and features. It a blend of advanced technology, beauty and power.

Innoson Carrier: N7 million

Innoson carrier is a pickup van from Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing. The pick is estimated to cost around N7 million and is powerfully built for movement of heavy loads and luggage.

Innoson 5000: N7 million

Innoson 5000 is 18-seater bus from Innoson auto brand. The Innoson bus is well spaced and allows for maximum ventilation for the best user and driving experience.

Innoson Ikenga: N9 million

Innoson Ikenga is the latest Innoson SUV. The vehicle is stylishly designed for family crossovers and comes with high end features. The car comes with reinforced shock absorbers.


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  1. I applaud innoson company for his efforts.please he should endeavor to manufacture vehicles engine as he had promised for the next few years.It will be a revolution in the history of Nigeria.God bless.

  2. Above is a very uninspiring portrait of the INNOSON brand.
    Minimum presentation should inform on trim levels, drive layout, infotainment and competitors.
    Range on a full tank of fuel(petrol, diesel) shall appeal to the Nigerian shopper
    The enthusiasm of the marketer should be infectious enough to inspire patronage

  3. The initiative of the founder is highly commendable and may the almighty continue to bless the organization. The CEO should try to open more show rooms in location like Abuja, Lagos, Portha court and ibadan for more marketing awareness.

  4. Very good initiative . The Ceo still needs to work on availability of the products and their spare parts in various state and also work on the service stations. God bless Nigeria, God bless innoson motor.

  5. as an automobile designer i feel that innoson should hire an automobile designer some one to drive the componey to greater hights someone like myself could get innoson to a point of manufacturing high performance and even super cars

    innoson also needs to create a brand that only create luxury cars

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