Apple Farming & Cultivation in Nigeria

Can Apples Be Grown in Nigeria?

The importation and consumption of apple in Nigeria is very high.

The most consumed apples in Nigeria remain the Granny Smith Apples and Queens Apples.

While patronage and consumption of these apples is high in Nigeria, cultivation and farming of queens apple and granny smith apple is very low and minimal in Nigeria.

People have constantly asked how possible is it to grow apple in Nigeria especially the queens apple and granny smith apples.

Research has shown that apple can actually be grown or cultivated in Nigeria, however,it requires utmost care and treatment because of Nigeria’s temperature and weather conditions.

Apples are very nutritious and very good for health, hence health practitioners recommend that atleast it should be taken once a day.

Apple farming and cultivation in Nigeria is very tasky, because of the tedious ways to grow Apple in Nigeria.

In this post, we will be discussing best and easiest ways to grow and farm apples in Nigeria.

Also to be contained in this post is the states in Nigeria where apples can be grown.

How to Grow and Farm Apples in Nigeria

Apple farming and cultivation in Nigeria is very technical and requires certain carefully processes.

Eating apples and digging soil to plant it’s seeds it not how to grow apple in Nigeria.

Apples like queens apple and granny smith apples needs a very cold temperatures to grow effectively.

Many studies cites that the temperature required to grow apple in Nigeria is 7⁰C.

This shows that not all states in Nigeria is suitable for apple planting and farming.

One of the most important step in growing of apple in Nigeria is to get a good and fertile apple seed.

To farm or grow apple in Nigeria, plantation of buds in nursery is required. After this is done, the young germinated and growing apple tree is transferred to the farm.

After germination of apple, budding is carried out to make tender apple tree develope stem and flowers which will aid its production.

Allowing apple tree to grow full bloom without budding wouldn’t give the desired stem fit for fruits development.

After budding, as the stem and flowers begin to develop, you remove or rip off the flowers so as to be able to produce a robust stem that can produce and carry the apples fruits with ease.

It takes about four (4) months to move the germinated apple bud from nursery to farm or containers for more nutrients delivery and care.

Regular irrigation should also be in place as result of our temperature and weather.

If the apple bud is placed either in container or nylon, after four months of nursery,you should do away with the nylon or container.

Afterwards you can start looking forward to having your apple tree grow and get set for fruit bearing.

States in Nigeria Where Apples Can Be Grown

Apples especially queens apple and granny smith cannot be farmed across all states in Nigeria.

The plant thrives on region with very cold temperatures like rain forests.

It will be very difficult and daunting to grow apple in high temperature northern states in Nigeria like Sokoto, Adamawa,Niger, Kano, Abuja, Borno states.

However, apple can be easily and carefully grown in most southern states like: Rivers, Anambra, Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Lagos, Ondo and Edo state.

Research also proves that’s there are certain northern states in Nigeria where apples can be grown in commercial quantity and these states in north that is suitable for apple cultivation Includes: Kaduna, Benue, Jos, Kogi and Kwara state.

These are states in Nigeria where apples can be grown in Nigeria.

Best Season for Planting Apples in Nigeria

Because of the low temperature whether required for growth of apple in Nigeria, the best time for planting apple in Nigeria is between April and September.

This is period of heavy rain in Nigeria and temperature are usually lower during this season.

However, with irrigation and nursery, apple can be grown all around the year in Nigeria.

But for best results, season for planting apple in Nigeria is April & September.

How Long Does it Take For Apple Tree to Bear Fruits in Nigeria

According to experts, it takes a minimum of 3 years before an apple tree in Nigeria can be expected to bear fruits and be ready for harvest.

However, as result of our temperature and weather conditions, some apple tree can take between 3 to 5 years to be able to produce apple fruits in Nigeria.

To start fruits bearing, apple tree does not require heavy growth and development like other fruits as mango, cashew etc.


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