Are Jobs Available in Prince Edward Island for International Students?

This article will make an assessment of job market in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Prince Edward Island ( PEI) is one of the cheapest provinces in Canada for an international student.

It is one of the smallest provinces in Canada with low population when compared to provinces such as Ontario, Alberta etc.

The Island province of Prince Edward Island has very few colleges and universities which are open and has good number of international students.

One of the factors which many international students consider before picking out to study in any province in Canada is job availability and employment opportunities.

Hence, most future international students coming to Prince Edward Island are usually quick to find if there is enough jobs in Prince Edward Island especially for students and immigrants.

Also, what type of jobs is most available in Prince Edward Island is another frequently asked questions by future international students enroute PEI.

We undertook a review of literature on job market in Prince Edward Island in a bid to ascertain how available are jobs in Prince Edward Island and also, what are high paying jobs in Prince Edward Island.

This is in an effort to provide our teeming readers with answers as to how available are jobs in Prince Edward Island.

What is The Rate of Jobs Availability in Prince Edward Island?

Literature point that the small Island of Prince Edward Island is an agrarian province with small population.

While the province is very friendly with good weather conditions, jobs outside agriculture in Prince Edward Island is proportional to the province population.

This can said to be low when compared to other top provinces in Canada. The chances of getting job as an international student in Prince Edward Island stand in relation to the population of the province.

There are higher job opportunities in bigger and high populated provinces such as Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia compared to PEI.

However, the government of Prince Edward Island is making efforts towards getting people into to the province to help boost the economy of the province.

So, as an international student, you stand better chance of getting jobs faster with bigger opportunities in bigger provinces than Prince Edward Island.

Nevertheless, there are jobs available in PEI especially in agriculture, Maritime services, Health and Care sectors.

Moving to Prince Edward Island as an international student wouldn’t be the best option for those with intention of having access to high and numerous job opportunities of different sectors. This is because of the small sized and population of the province.

Sectors with most available jobs in Prince Edward Island are:

  • Farming
  • Tourism
  • Martime Services
  • Health & Care Support

These are some of the most prevalent and easily available jobs in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Available literature also shows that there few industries and factories within the province. Also, opportunities in sales and marketing are abound in the province.

Hospitality is another good and high opportunity available as result of good and flourishing tourism industry in the province of Prince Edward Island.

Our verdict on the rate of job availability and job opportunities in Prince Edward Island for international students is that jobs are available in the Island province.

However, opportunities there cannot be compared to those of bigger and most populous provinces such as Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia etc.

Also, being an island province that is highly associated with agriculture, more opportunities are about in agriculture and farming sectors in PEI.


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