How to Register a Church in Nigeria

pastors in Nigeria

Resigstration of church is one of the requirements to opening a church in Nigeria. The fact there are thousands of unregistered churches in Nigeria does not make church registration in Nigeria optional and non binding. To start and run a church in Nigeria,the law requires that all churches and mosques in Nigeria shall be registered. … Read more

DJ Equipments & Prices in Nigeria (2024)

Best music downloading websites in Nigeria

This post will focus on providing DJ equipments prices in Nigeria. This is just as many young Nigerians both male and female are making career out disc jockey performance. This article will not only provide the current price of DJ equipments in Nigeria but will also state the cost of major important DJ equipments for … Read more

Top 20 Richest People in Africa (2024)

Africa's richest people

Net Worth of Africa’s Richest People African richest people cuts across different countries, religious and business fields. Despite the slow advancement of technology in Africa, some African tech gurus, entrepreneurs has worked very hard to compete with the rest of their counterparts across the world. Richest men in Africa are as well recognised and some … Read more

Top Football Clubs in Nigeria (2024)

Top football leagues in Africa

Top 10 Richest & Biggest Football Clubs in Nigeria Football in Nigeria has gained quite a reputation as one of the best football sporting countries in Africa. Football has grown to be one of the most played sports in the world, having gained an enormous fanbase. Literally everyone plays football or alternatively we all have … Read more

List of All Countries in West Africa

List of countries in West Africa

The number of all countries in West Africa is 16 in number. West African countries are both Anglophone and Francophone countries. This means that most countries in West Africa speaks either English or French languages. This post will list all countries in West Africa and their capital cities. Africa must be very lucky to have … Read more

Palm Oil Milling & Processing Machine Price in Nigeria

Palm oil processing machine price in Nigeria

Palm oil processing machine price in Nigeria is currently on the high side. Finding out how much palm oil milling machines cost in Nigeria is important for those planning to start Palm oil processing and milling factory in Nigeria. Palm oil processing machines comes in both manual and electronic. However, electronic palm oil processing and … Read more

Keke Napep (Tricycle) Engine Price in Nigeria (2024)

Keke Napep tricycle engine price in nigeria

This post is a review of Keke Napep (tricycle) engine Price in Nigeria. This is aimed at providing answers to questions boardering on what is the price of Tricycle (Keke Napep) engine in Nigeria. The cost of new Keke Napep engine in Nigeria is based on the brand of Keke Napep. Keke Napep engine can … Read more

Best Perfumes for Men in Nigeria

Best Perfumes for Men in Nigeria

Smelling nice is a priority for every man. The essence of wearing a good body scent cannot be cannot be overstated. Get ready to discover in this article the best top men’s Perfumes in Nigeria. Having a nice scent would determine those you would attract, and otherwise. Also, how you smell also determines the kind … Read more

Best Drone Cameras & Prices in Nigeria (2024)

Prices of Best Drone Cameras in Nigeria

The use of drone cameras in Nigeria for video coverage is becoming increasingly normal. Drone cameras makes coverage of events easier and facilitate easy taking of camera shots of ordinarily difficult angles. This article will discuss the prices of the best drone cameras in Nigeria. If you want to have a drone with a camera … Read more