Baby’s Things To Buy in Nigeria & Prices (2023)

Baby Accessories To Buy Before Birth in Nigeria & Prices

There are some items that expectant mothers should procure in preparation for the coming newborn.

Things To Buy for newborn baby in Nigeria

This article will be most beneficial to first time expectant mothers.

This post serves to provide guide on what to buy by pregnant women expecting baby in Nigeria.

There are certain baby’s accessories that are needed to be available before arrival of newborn.

These baby’s accessories help nursing mother withing the first few weeks after birth.

First time expectant mothers might not have the experience to know baby items to buy before birth.

As a result of peculiarity of environments, societies are not same and as such have different demands.

As for expectant and nursing mothers in Nigeria, there are certain baby things or items in Nigeria that are needed for maternity care in Nigeria.

These are the baby items this post set out to discuss.

Also, we will do well to provide prices of some of the baby accessories and things in Nigeria.

Prices of Baby Things To Buy Before Birth in Nigeria

Below are some baby’s accessories and how much they are sold in Nigeria.

Diapers & Wipes

As an expectant mother, before birth, diapers and wipes should have been procured for immediate use after birth.

Diapers are one of the very important baby accessories for pregnant mothers and mothers expecting a baby.

So also is wet wipes, these items are very important and demand immediate attention of a newborn baby.

Price of baby diapers or pampers as called in Nigeria varies according to brands.

However, baby diapers in Nigeria are sold between N6500 to N8000.

Baby Clothes

Baby clothes is not baby things or items that can wait after birth.

Some baby clothes has to be purchased prior to birth.

Then more can be added after the arrival of the newborn.

It is one of the important baby things to buy by pregnant mothers before birth in Nigeria.

Baby Food

Price of baby formula and food has been treated in our previous posts.

However, baby food and formula price starts from N8000 and above in Nigeria.

Baby food is also very important baby things to buy before birth.

Expectant mother should discuss with her midwife and health care professional on the best baby formula in Nigeria to buy for newborn babies.

This is so as to avoid starvation of the baby.

Baby formula is among major and important baby items and accessories to purchase before birth.

Baby Feeding Accessories

Baby feeding accessories such as feeding bottles, water bottles, spoons should be procure before birth.

It is also among basic items needed by pregnant mother before birth.

The price of baby’s feeding bottles set starts from N5,500.

Feeding bottles set price can go higher if it comes with more accessories and number of bottles.

Baby Bed / Cot

The price of baby’s cot or bed in Nigeria starts from N9000 and above.

Baby’s cot or bed price is determined by the quality of the bed and its features.

Some baby’s bed can cost as high as N80,000 in Nigeria.

This is special bed with with mosquitoes protective bed for babies.

It is where the babies sleeps. It is also good to have this baby item before birth.

However, when unable to get baby cot before birth, a special space can be made and prepared for a baby in her mother’s bed with mosquitoes protective net.

It is good accessories for babies to buy before birth especially in Nigeria.

While there are many and numerous baby things and accessories, the above listed ones are very important and are better purchased before birth or arrival of the newborn.


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