7 Bakeries In Anambra With Quality Bread

The business of baking is booming in Nigeria. One of the highest selling baked foods in Nigeria is bread.

best bread in anambra

According to a report published by global audit and market research firm, KPMG, Nigerian’s bread segment was worth N122 billion. The report also tipped the sector to grow by 3% in 2019.

There exist numerous bakeries around every Nigerian city, and one major food produced by these baking houses is bread.

This have given rise to multiple bread brands in Nigeria market. Despite the growth of the industry and good sales enjoyed by producers of bread, many critics still call into questions the quality of breads coming out from some bakeries.

Just as obtained in other business industries in Nigeria, different Nigeria baking firms, target different customers.

While some Nigerian bakeries may target low income earners, there still exists bakeries in the country who do not comprise quality despite the disparity in financial capacity of Nigerian population.

Anambra State is one of Nigerian’s most populous states. The state has numerous cities scattered across its territories.

Bread baking and production is a very lucrative and a viable business in the state. With a population of over 5 million inhabitants, there is markets for bread producers in the state.

While there are numerous bread brands in the state, there exists few that stands out with high quality.

These high-quality bread loaves are from top bakeries in the state. For bread lovers in Anambra, this post will provide you with list of quality and best bread in the state.

Quality & Best Bread In Anambra

The best and most tasty breads in Anambra state are the following bread brands in Anambra state.

Wendy’s Bread

Wendy’s bread is a product of Wendy’s Bakery located at 2nd Business Park by Area Command/CPS Enugu Road, G.R.A in Onitsha.

The bread can be found at top supermarkets and shopping centers within Onitsha city.

Wendy’s bread comes in different varieties like Wendy’s fruit bread, Sardine bread, coconut bread and Wendy’s special bread.

Wendy’s bread is bromate free, soft and can go for days outside refrigerator. It is one of the most sought-after bread in Onitsha, Anambra State.

Roban Bread

Roban bread is a product of Roban bakery, a department of Roban Stores. Roban bread is of great quality and will have you coming back for more.

The bread can be gotten at Roban Stores located adjacent Central Bank of Nigeria office, Awka.

Roban bread comes in different forms ranging from Roban milk and butter, Roban chocolate bread, Roban fruit bead and Roban wheat bread.

The bread is sold at Roban Stores and major supermarkets in Awka city. It is a great bake that always keep customers queuing for hours just to grab some loaves.

Hi Hoa Bread

Hi Hoa bread is from popular Chinese restaurant at Onitsha known as Hi Hoa. Hi Hoa bread is a pure mastery in art of baking.

Hi Hoa bakery and restaurant is located at upper new market road, Onitsha at the site of old Savanna bank, immediately after Slot.

Hi Hoa bread is soft, light weight and tasty. You can’t resist this bread.

Stanel Bread

Stanel bread is a product of Stanel bakery located at Stanel world, Enugu Onitsha Expressway, after women development center Awka.

Stanel bread is a top-quality bread sold at great price in Anambra State. The bread is sold at Stanel world, major supermarkets and some designated centers in Anambra State.

Stanel bread is tasty, satisfying and can go for days outside refrigerator.

Shoprite Bread

This is one of the most popular bread in not just Anambra State but Nigeria. The bread is sold at Shoprite shopping centers and is renowned for its high quality and great taste.

Diamond Pizza Bread

Diamond Pizza bread is a bread from Diamond Pizza bakery situated at Enugu -Onitsha express way, Opposite Central Bank of Nigeria.

Diamond Pizazz cake bread is one of the best breads you can found in southeast Nigeria.

The bakery also has fruit and sardine breads as well. Diamond Pizza bread is a show of quality and value for Money.

1 City Bread

Another tasty and delicious bread in Anambra State is 1City bread from 1 City bakery Awka, Anambra State. It is one of breads that stands out from numerous bread brands in the state.

I’m Emmanuel, a bread addict and lover. Do not hesitate to use our comments section if you feel there is a quality bread in the state that deserves the list.


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