Top Beautiful & Fun Places to Visit in Lagos (2023)

Top Tourist Locations in Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is the most developed city in Nigeria with the large population of over 20 million residents.

Beautiful tourism destinations in Lagos

It is one of the top 5 biggest and most developed cities in Africa.

Everyday, thousands of population move into Lagos both from other parts of Nigeria and abroad.

The state and city Lagos is a coastal region. It is a state in Nigeria surrounded by sea.

It is said that greater part of Lagos city is sea and water.

The city is the hub of Nigeria entertainment industry with the country biggest music and movie artists living in it.

It houses some of the biggest hotels, night clubs, museums and tourist destinations in Nigeria.

Economically, Lagos city is the giant of Nigeria economy.

The state is often referred to as the economic capital of Nigeria.

Annually, people embark on vacation to Lagos either from other states in Nigeria or from abroad.

This is because of the huge tourism sites in Lagos as well as the tourist attractions Lagos state offers to its visitors.

In this post, the most beautiful tourist destinations in Lagos state will be unveiled.

These are some of the most visited Lagos tourism sites.

Most Fun Tourism Destinations in Lagos

Sometimes, visitors to Lagos city are in dilemma and face with indecision of choosing the most beautiful tourism destinations in Lagos.

This is one of the major reason for this article.

This write up on major Lagos tourist attractions and tourism destinations in Lagos is geared towards guiding visitors and holiday makers in Lagos city on some of the most beautiful and fascinating places to visit in Lagos, Nigeria.

Below is the list top fascinating tourist destinations in Lagos.

Nigerian National Museum

The Nigerian National Museum which was established in 1957 is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Lagos.

The museum show cases Nigeria’s national art assets dating back to pre independence and post independence era.

The museum is one of the biggest single government monuments in Lagos.

It is sited on a large expanse of land surrounded by well treated lawns and river.

It is one of the best places to visit in Lagos during holidays.

The Nigerian National Museum’s location is Awolowo Road, opposite Muson Centre, Onikan, Lagos Island.

Lekki Conservation Centre

Lekki Conservation Centre is one of the most visited tourism sites in Lagos, Nigeria.

It is a 78-hectare natural reserve situated in Lekki, Lagos.

It was founded in 1990 by Chevron Corporation.LCC as also known is one of the coolest places to experience nature.

It offers an escape from the stress and buzz of the most populous city in West Africa.

Some of the features of Lekki Conservation Centre includes :Nature Station, 401m Canopy walkway, Beach Volleyball courts and Spectators’ pavilion, Tree House etc.

Gate fees for entry into Lekki Conservation Centre ranges between N1000 to N200 depending on adult and children.

Tarkwa Bay Beach

One of the best and most visited beaches in Lagos is Tarkwa,Bay Beach.

For swimmers and water lovers, a visit to Tarkwa Bay Beach is ideal way to enjoy vacation in Lagos city.

It is one of the most tidy beaches in Lagos for relaxation and experience of nature of sea.

The beach always experience huge traffics and population on weekends and holidays which makes it the best time to visit Tarkwa Bay Beach in Lagos.

The New Afrika Shrine

Among the best places to visit in Lagos is the The New Afrika Shrine.

It is one of the best and most popular entertainment centers to hangout in Lagos Nigeria.

The shrine which use to be called old Africa Shrine is an open entertainment center where music and refreshments can be enjoyed all round the clock.

It is managed by the family of late Nigerian legendary singer, Fela Kuti.

Lekki Leisure Lake

This is another fascinating place to visit in Lagos for holidays.

It is an open recreational and relaxation center for for publics with a beach.

Lekki Leisure Lake is open for public between 12 pm to 10pm.

Weekends and holidays are some of the best time to visit Lekki Leisure Lake.

Also, for better experience visit are most enjoyed during dry season.

Hi Impact Planet

Hi Impact Planet is one of the most beautiful amusement parks and resorts in Lagos Nigeria.

It is good location for family and friends to spend holidays and leisure time.

The amusement park has pack of activities for its visitors ranging from 12D Cinema, Crazy Jump, Haunted House etc.

Ikeja City Mall

Ikeja City Mall is a great place to visit in Lagos especially for visitors who want to experience Lagos shopping experience.

The mall offer a wide range both shopping experience and leisure.

The mall has cinema houses where box office movies can be seen.

Some of the world top stores and designers shops can be found in the mall.

It one of the biggest Lagos tourist destinations.

Club Quilox

Visitors in Lagos can get the best out of their visit by visiting top popular Lagos night club, Club Quilox.

The top Lagos club is one of the most visited night clubs Which offer night life experience at its best.

It is an all night club which plays host to top show hosts and music artists in Nigeria.

It a top bubbling nightclub especially during weekends.

Terra Kulture

If you love arts, the best place to visit in Lagos for art works is Terra Kulture.

The TK as popularly called is one of the best art houses in Nigeria.

Thousands of art collections from across Nigeria can be found in this building displayed for tourists preview.

It is also joined with library which hosts reading events and author review. It is one of the fun places to be in Lagos.

Elegushi Beach

This is one of top visited beach in Lagos Nigeria.

Elegushi beach is best enjoyed during weekends and holidays when it plays host to thousands of beach and sea lovers.

It offer perfect destination for picnics, parties as well as social gatherings.


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