Best Air Fresheners in Nigeria & Price (2023)

Inadequate air circulation in a room or an apartment can leave them with stinking smell.

Best Air Freshener in Nigeria

So also, cars can as result of certain factors be filled with very unpleasant odour and smell.

All these embarrassing situations can be solved with the help of original best air fresheners in Nigeria.

Air fresheners are very vital in eliminating bad odour and smell both in homes and in cars too.

These best air fresheners in Nigeria are designed to produced very pleasant fragrance which will eliminate bad smells and odour.

In this article, prices of best air fresheners for cars and homes will be listed.

Best Air fresheners are those with very pleasant and sweet fragrance capable making homes or car smell good or producing desired smell.

Also another factor of knowing best air fresheners in Nigeria is those air fresheners in Nigeria that can last long for months while maintaining its original odour and smell.

Good quality air fresheners in Nigeria should not be harmful to the health and be very simple and easy to apply and use.

These are factors we put into cognizance before coming up with list of long lasting air fresheners in Nigeria for both cars and homes.

Air fresheners can be utilized in many other places apart from homes and cars.

Good quality air freshener can be best be used too at offices, shops and basements.

Another good place where air freshener is very important and required is at toilets and bathrooms.

Pungent odour and smell can best be eliminated through the underlisted best air fresheners in Nigeria.

Best Air Fresheners in Nigeria for Homes

These are best air fresheners for filty and stinking room. They help eliminate bad smells and odour in the rooms and apartment.

They are also house air freshener that is long lasting and smells very nice as well.

They are good quality air fresheners for rooms, toilets, basements and general apartments.

Air Wick Air Freshener – N1500 – N7000

Air Wick air freshener is one of the best suitable air fresheners for homes, rooms, toilets, offices and basements.

They come in different varieties such as gel and spray. The price disparity for Air Wick air freshener is based on the type and size of the one being purchased.

Air wick gel air freshener is one of the cheaper air wick air freshener.

Generally, air wick air freshener is a very nice and good air freshener with good and pleasant aroma.

Ambi Pur Air Freshener – N1700 – N3000

Ambi Pur air freshener is another best quality air fresheners in Nigeria.

It comes in different variants and flavours too. Ambi Pur air freshener is sold between N1700 to N3000 in Nigeria depending on where one is buying from and the type too.

Top Breez Air Freshener – N3000 – N4000

Top Breez is another best air freshener for office and homes. It is also a very strong air freshener that can be used in toilet too.

Top Breez air freshener comes in multi varieties which is sold at different prices ranging from N3000.

Lysol Air Freshener – N5500

Lysol Air freshener is another top quality air freshener in Nigeria used to eliminate bad air and smell in homes and offices.

It is a bit expensive but gives value for its price. Lysol air freshener is a good air freshener that can be used in toilet and basements.

Airpure Air Freshener – N3000 – N3800

Airpure is an air freshener with strong smell and last long for several months.

Airpure comes in many flavour aroma such as citrus zinc, ocean fresh etc.

The price of this quality air freshener is between N3000 and N3800 depending on shop you’re buying from.

Best Car Air Fresheners in Nigeria

Cars is another place where air fresheners are highly useful.

This is because of offensive smell and pungent odour that sometimes car interior produces.

So, there are certain car air fresheners that are long lasting.

They are seen as the best car air fresheners in Nigeria with good smell and longevity.

Below is the list of best car air fresheners for good fragrance in Nigeria.

Also, expect to see the prices of best best automobile air freshener in Nigeria.

Car Fancy Logo Air Freshener – N4000

This is one of the best and long lasting car air fresheners used to eliminate bad breath and air in cars.

Car Fancy Logo Air Freshener keeps car interior smelling good and inviting. It is car air freshener that can last for several months without loosing it’s fragrance.

The price of this strong car air freshener in Nigeria starts from N4000.

Grandy Car Air Freshener

If you are looking for very effective car air freshener that produces sweet fragrance and last long, then try buying Grandy car air freshener.

It comes in an exotic bottle which can be placed on dashboard, pigeon hole or gear board.

The price of Grandy car air freshener in Nigeria starts from N3000. It is specifically prepared for eliminating bad smell in cars.

Aromatic Deodorant Car Air Freshener – N2500

Aromatic Deodorant car air freshener is top quality car perfume that helps eliminate bad odour and smell.

It another effective air freshener for cars. Aromatic Deodorant car air freshener is top car air freshener available in Nigeria.

Exotic Car Crown Air Freshener – N3000

Exotic car crown Air freshener is most found on car dashboards. It is one of the most popular car air fresheners in Nigeria.

This is owing to the car air freshener long lasting smell and aroma. It is sold around N3000 price across major auto markets in Nigeria.

The fragrance makes car smell very sweet and nice.

Fresca Organic Air Freshener – N1500

Fresca air freshener is also used in cars to produce good aroma and smell.

It is one of the car air fresheners that last longer time before having its fragrance dropped.

Fresca car air freshener comes in different aroma flavours such as vanilla, cherry and bubble gum.

Fancy Car Pistol Design Air Freshener – N4000

This is one of the most beautiful and highly designed car air fresheners that has long lasting smells.

It is highly placed on car dashboards. Apart from producing good and sweet fragrance, Fancy Car Pistol Design air freshener is also used to decorate the car interior.

The price of this top car air freshener is around N4000.


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