Best Amusement Parks in Lagos, Nigeria

Top best amusement parks in Lagos state will be discussed in this post.

Best amusement parks in Lagos

Amusement parks are very important side attraction in every city.

It is a fun place where children and adult visit for leisure and relaxation.

Lagos has the highest number of amusement parks in Nigeria in one city.

Some of the biggest amusement parks and fun places in Nigeria are located in Lagos.

This is not surprising as the city has the largest population in Nigeria.

The standard of amusement parks in Lagos differs.

This is why some amusement parks in Lagos are termed top and best amusement parks in Lagos city.

From the list of all amusement parks in Lagos, we will be profiling the best and biggest amusement parks in Lagos.

Top Best Amusement Parks to Visit in Lagos

The best amusement parks in Lagos are those with biggest facilities and activities.

They are also the most safe and secured amusement parks with great services.

Below is the list of top amusement parks in Lagos for outdoor activities and games.

It some of the best parks for children in Lagos.

Treasure Amusement Park, Lagos

Treasure amusement part is in the list of best amusement parks to visit in Lagos, Nigeria.

It is a very safe and secured park where both children and adults can visit for relaxation.

Some of the side attractions in Treasure amusement park in Lagos include: swimming pools, bouncy castles, horse rides, roller coaster and other top games and side attraction.

Treasure amusement parks, Lagos is situated at Joseph Demurin St, Ifako-Ijaiye, Lagos.

It is one of the best and top leisure parks to visit in Lagos.

Rosellas Amusement Park, Lagos

Rosellas amusement park which was founded in 2001 is one of the top best rated amusement parks in Lagos.

My visit to this park and my experience there confirmed to me its status as one of the best Lagos top amusement parks.

Facilities at Rosellas amusement park, Lagos is top notch and their fun activities and customer service is very commendable.

It is one of the most visited amusement parks in Lagos.

It is a good amusement park for children in Lagos.

Some activities at Rosellas amusement park include: boat ride, horse ride, swimming pool, roller coaster, trampolines, volleyball etc.

Rosellas is a good amusement parks with lots of games and activities.

The location of this Lagos best amusement park is Isheri Road, Ikotun, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Apapa Amusement Park, Lagos

Another top fun filled amusement park in Lagos is Apapa amusement park, Lagos.

The cost of visiting Apapa amusement park Lagos is cheap.

It is a park built to entertain both kids and adult. Facilities at Apapa amusement park is standard and safe.

The park has safety teams on ground to help in event of emergencies.

Apapa amusement park is one of the best ranked amusement parks in Lagos, Nigeria.

The address of this Lagos state top amusement park is No 34, Randle Close, Apapa, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Hi-Impact Planet Amusement Park, Lagos

This is another vibrant and fun filled amusement park in Lagos.

The location of this Lagos amusement park is Planet Arena, KM 12, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

Some of the best outdoor games and rides can be experienced at Hi-Impact Planet amusement park.

This amusement park also has hotel attached to it for lodging and accommodation.

Funplex Amusement Park, Lagos

Funplex amusement park, Lagos is among top fun filled amusement parks in Lagos.

At Funplex amusement park you will be open to different fun games such as swimming, roller coaster, horse rides etc.

It is a must visit amusement park in Lagos. It is a good amusement park for birthdays and small gathering celebration.

The cost of visiting Funplex amusement park Lagos is about N1000 and N2000 for children and adults respectively.

The location of this renowned and popular amusement park in Lagos is at Lagos Mainland.

With N4000, visitors are open to enjoy all facilities available at the park.

Omu Resort, Lagos 

Omu resort is a top amusement park in Lagos we cannot exclude in the list of best Lagos fun parks.

Omu resort has numerous activities slated for both children and adults.

Some of the activities of Omu resort amusement park includes:water sporting activities, horse riding, kayaking, museum etc.

It is an amusement park best for children in Lagos.

Dreamworld Africana, Lagos 

Dreamworld Africana is also one of top amusement parks in Lagos.

It is one of the best amusement parks around Lekki axis and they have both outdoor activities and indoor games too.

The classic amusement park is open to both adults and children and presents the best place for relaxation and leisure in Lagos.

It wouldn’t be time wasting to visit Dreamworld Africana amusement park, Lagos.

Funtopia Water Park, Lagos 

Funtopia water park makes our roll call of the best amusement parks in Lagos.

It is a park that is open to both kids and adults. They also have various games such as water games like swimming, castle bouncing, car racing & riding for kids and so on.

Funtopia water park is a good amusement park in Lagos to cool off.

Family Fun Amusement Park, Lagos 

This is another hard to ignore Lagos top amusement park located at Ikorodu.

It is one of the standard amusement parks in Lagos with lots of activities for visitors.

It is also one of the cheapest amusement parks to visit in Lagos and around Mainland Lagos.

Funtasticaland, Lagos 

One of the top best amusement parks in Lagos is Funtasticaland.

The all around entertainment center is open to provide fun for both indoor and outdoor activities and games to their visitors.

Cinema and video gaming is some of the side attractions of Funtasticaland.

It is highly rated amusement park in Lagos Nigeria.


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