10 Best Android Apps To Stream Live Sports & Shows For Free

People are always on lookout for apps that provides them with best streaming experience. Football matches is one of the most streamed live events in Nigeria.

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People stream events live for various reasons like lack of electricity, absence of viewing centers, comfort and mobility. There are many live streaming apps but only few are user friendly, easy to navigate through while providing better streaming experience and is also data and network friendly.

There are some streaming apps that demand user has video or media player applications installed in their device before they can be used to stream where as there are some others that stream direct with the app.

Also some streaming apps cover a wide range of events ranging from sports, news, movies etc. However, some streaming apps demand that user register or login into the platform before they can stream. This is one condition most users especially those in Nigeria abhors.

In this write up, Nigerian informer will be listing 10 best streaming applications for you. These are applications that are data friendly, easy to access, less Ads with wide coverage of events.

Best Apps For Streaming Live Sports/Shows

Here is list of free android and ios Apps that is best for streaming live sports like football and other sports shows.

1. Live NetTV

We consider Live NetTV one of the best apps around for live streaming because of it wide coverage of live events like football matches, wrestling, news, TV shows,music documentary etc.

The app host over 800 channels including non-sports channels too. If you are a sports lover and especially football, then you should consider getting this app.

Another feature which makes Live NetTV unique is that for every live event, it provides as many as up to 5 links for each live event. With these links you can find and assess either in HD or SD.

Some of the provided links also needs just a moderate or stable network to stream seamlessly. To use this app, you need to have media or video player application like VLC, XYZ Player or Xplayer installed in your device because Live NetTV application automatically connect with these apps once you click to stream an event.

Another stand out feature of this app is that it provides numerous channels that can be found across the world, Africa, Europe, Asia, South America, North America. With this app you can stream many TV channels like sky sports, CNN, ESPN etc.

2. Mobdro

Mobdro is another application that provides users with free live stream. Mobdro can be downloaded from Mobdro official website and from other download channels like tech websites.

It comes in two versions, Ads and no Ads version. Mobdro is only available on Android, users on ios won’t be able to access Mobdro.

Mobdro just like Live NetTV, provides streaming of other shows and events like news and TV shows, music, gaming etc. The application gives users access to sports events and shows across the globe.

Another unique feature of Mobdro is that it breaks language barriers in the sense that it provides live TV in more than 15 different languages.

3. Show Sport TV

Just like the name implies, this app is dedicated to providing live stream of sports event free and across the globe.

Its streams are on HD and offers some of best sports channels like Bein sports, BT sports, Sky Sports, ESPN among many other great sport channels.

As wonderful as the app is, user need not register before they can have access and enjoy these great channels and sports event.It is also very easy to navigate through the app.

If love sports and you do not have this app on your mobile device, you should be heading to a download channel now.

4. Genius Stream

Genius stream provides quality streams to different events and shows. Sports event, music, TV shows, TV series can all be streamed using genius stream.

Also user need not to register before they can use this app. It is also easy to use and navigate through.Genius stream is so lite and network friendly that it can run smoothly on 3G network. Above all, its streams are on HD.

5. Sport Angel

If you are a sport lover and in need of an app that can provide you with quality and reliable streams, then Sport Angel should be your guide. This app offers user freedom to choose the quality of their streams, either in HD or in SD.

Notwithstanding the Ads contained in the app, its interface is still easy to navigate. If you love wrestling, tennis, hockey basketball, football etc. then you should be running after Sport Angel.

6. Sony Liv

Sony Liv is exclusive for India and for Indians. However, it can still be accessed outside India but one need to connect or change to Indian VPN so as to bypass the restriction.

It is a sport app by Sony and covers varieties of sport events. Importantly, user need to be aware that Sony Liv do have a 5 min delay before the stream comes alive.In other words, you will be following the event 5mins late.

But I guess is better late than never and 5mins isn’t too much a gap. Sony Liv can be downloaded from google play store

7. Estadio Sports

Estadio sport is another good app for streaming live sports events. The app is very lite and data friendly.

However, it runs on Spanish language but with the images on the app, one can still break the language barrier and enjoy his game. Estadio sport Apk can be downloaded through Google search on tech websites.

8. ThopTV Sports

You can follow and enjoy your favorite sporting activities with ThopTV sports no matter where you are provided you have access to working and stable data.

The app gives you access to thousands of channels across the world. While using the app, if you observe that some channels are not open, it is because of copyright restrictions, that means those channels are not allowed to work in your location.

In that case, if the channel is your favorite then you need to switch to VPN of the country of the host channel. ThopTV sports is up there with the best of apps for live streaming.

9. Redbox TV

This is another live streaming app offering live streams on sports, entertainment, news music etc. It is easy to use and navigate through the app.

Redbox TV has over a thousand channels on its platform.It also supports varieties of media player like MXPlayer, XYZ player, Android player etc.

10. UK TV Now

UK TV Now is one of most popular apps that offer users free live streams. The app is not just sport streaming app but it is encompassing of other genres like movies, entertainment, music, and live shows.

The app also does not require you to register or login before being granted access. UK TV Now is also user friendly.


You can do a lot with your smart phone. Calls and messages is just one of thousands of functions your smart phone can do for you.

With an active data and stable network, one can be able to enjoy his/her favorite shows irrespective of location, weather or time.


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