Best Barbing Clippers & Prices in Nigeria (2024)

Cost of Hair Cut Clippers in Nigeria

It is needless emphasizing the obvious importance of barbing clippers especially in Nigeria.

Clippers prices in Nigeria

Clippers are as important as clothing as it an equipment they helps keep one tidy and enhances hygienic and safe cutting of hairs.

What are the best hair clippers available in Nigeria?; Prices of hair clippers in Nigeria.

To discover the best  and long lasting barbing clippers in Nigeria,stick to this post.

The major nucleus of this post is to find out and state the best hair clippers in Nigeria and the prices of best clippers in Nigeria.

This information is of high significance to both private individuals and hair salon firms and businesses in Nigeria.

A good clipper can help give the best hair cuts and avoid cuts and bruises.

This is why people must stop at nothing in get the best and good clippers in Nigeria.

It is an open secret that many people in Nigeria still resort to orthodox means of hair cuts like use of razor blazes, bics and other unsafe haircut equipments.

In this article, we will be discussing the best barbing clippers and the prices of barbing clippers in Nigeria.

Prices of Barbing Clippers in Nigeria

The best and quality barbing clippers in Nigeria are no doubt expensive.

However, the advantages of getting good and quality barbing clippers in Nigeria far outweighs its cost.

The cost of barbing clippers in Nigeria is mostly dependent on the brand and the quality.

Also, it is important to note that a brand of clippers can have different qualities, models and different prices.

This is how clippers and hair cut equipments are usually sold.

Below are some quality hair clippers and their prices in Nigeria.

Price of Wahl Clipper in Nigeria

Wahl clippers are rated among the best hair barbing clippers in Nigeria.

Wahl clipper model like super tapper is one of the mostly used clippers in Nigeria.

It comes with very strong and sharp blades which enhances easy and smooth hair cuts.

The price of wahl clippers in Nigeria ranges between N19,000 to N30,000.

Price of Binatone Barbing Clippers in Nigeria

Another best and good hair cutting clippers in Nigeria is Binatone.

Binatone clippers are very rugged and strong. It’s blades are thick and can be retained after many sharpenings.

The current price of Binatone clippers is between N10,000 to N15,000.

Binatone clippers comes in different models and prices too.

Prices of Phillips Clippers in Nigeria

Philips clippers are very good hair clippers in Nigeria.

They among the most mechanized clippers in Nigeria.

They are also very durable and enhance safety when in use.

The price & cost of philips clippers in Nigeria is around N24,000.

Price of Chaoba Hair Clippers in Nigeria

This is the most popular and widely used barbing clippers in Nigeria.

Chaoba clippers comes in different models and prices.

The cheapest Chaoba clippers in Nigeria can be gotten for around N7000.

However, there are higher quality Chaoba clippers and they also comes at higher costs and price.

Generally, the price of Chaoba clippers in Nigeria is between N7000 to N15,000.

They are most used commercial hair clippers in Nigeria.

It is barbing clippers that are barbers choice in Nigeria.

Price of GTS Clippers in Nigeria

The price of GTS clippers in Nigeria is around N12,000.

This is also one of the cheapest barbing clippers in Nigeria.

They are clippers mostly used in barbing salons alongside Chaoba clippers.

GTS clippers can as well be used privately or for home use.

Some models of this clippers are rechargeable.

Price of Kiki Clippers in Nigeria

Another best rated barbing clipper in Nigeria is Kiki barbing clippers.

Kiki barbing clippers are very sharp and long lasting Clippers in Nigeria suitable for barbing salon.

The averaged price of Kiki Clippers in Nigeria is N9500.


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