Best Bluetooth Speaker in Nigeria & Prices (2023)

Best Bluetooth Speakers/ MP3 To Buy in Nigeria

Bluetooth speakers is one of the hot techs that defined the last decade.

Best Bluetooth Speaker in Nigeria

Bluetooth speakers are great technological invention that have given people opportunity to enjoy their favorite tunes and music wherever and whenever.

The market for Bluetooth speakers in Nigeria is booming and this have given rise to high influx of Bluetooth speakers brands.

However, not all Bluetooth speakers brands in Nigeria is of top quality. Bluetooth speakers are not cheap gadgets and so when buying, people look to get value for their money.

Fact is that good and strong Bluetooth speakers in Nigeria cost a good amount of money.

Nevertheless, even with good budget, lack of understanding and knowledge of Bluetooth speakers markets can leave one short changed when making purchase for Bluetooth speakers in Nigeria.

This is why we have come up with an article that will serve as a guide to buying the best Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth Mp3 in Nigeria.

Bluetooth Speakers & MP3: What is The Best Bluetooth Speaker in Nigeria

The best Bluetooth speaker to buy in Nigeria are those with the following features.

Loud Audio/Bass

Bluetooth speakers with very high and loud audio are some of the most sought after Bluetooth speakers in Nigeria. Nigerians like it loud and deep. Any Bluetooth speaker that meets these features is a hit for Nigerians.

Long Lasting Battery

Bluetooth speakers are portable and are suppose to keep your music on anytime and anywhere. This is why Bluetooth speakers with good and long lasting batteries are among the best Bluetooth MP3 you can find in Nigeria and anywhere.

Strong & Rugged

Bluetooth speakers that are strong, rugged and can stand test of time is a very good one. Ruggedness is highly considered when buy a Bluetooth speaker in Nigeria.

Best Bluetooth Speakers in Nigeria & Their Prices

Here are some of the best and most loud bluetooth speakers easily available in Nigeria.


JBL Bluetooth speakers are among the best bluetooth speakers and bluetooth MP3 you can buy both in Nigeria and abroad. The tech company specializes in making some of the loudest and strongest bluetooth speakers in the world.

Some of their best Bluetooth speakers are JBL charge 4 and JBL charge 8. The price of JBL charge 4 and 8 in Nigeria is N43,000 and N73,000 respectively.


Zealot is another top quality Bluetooth speaker brand in Nigeria. Their S1 is very popular in Nigeria. There are other numerous zealot speakers brands in Nigeria. Like zealot s8 and s27. It is among the best Bluetooth speaker one can buy in Nigeria.


Bose is also another good Bluetooth speaker with very strong battery that can be purchased in Nigeria. Some of their most popular speakers in Nigeria includes Soundlink.


Wster Bluetooth speakers are also very good and long lasting Bluetooths in Nigeria. They come in differ varieties like WS-1812 and WS- 1901.


Koleer Bluetooth speakers are among the loudest with big bass and long lasting batteries in Nigeria. Their SB12 and SB18 are some of their great Bluetooth speakers products. It is a good quality Bluetooth MP3.


T&G Bluetooth speakers comes in great designs and is of high quality. It is one of the best Bluetooth speakers in Nigeria.


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