Restaurants & Bakeries With Best Breads in Lagos

Best Delicious Breads in Lagos

Breads and pastries are popular meals in Lagos, Nigeria.

best bread in Lagos

Bread in particular is one of the most consumed pastry in Lagos.

The high price of floor and other food items has affected the baking industry in Nigeria.

This has lead to many baking companies and restaurants either increasing prices or reducing quality.

Notwithstanding, there exist some top baking restaurants in Lagos where quality breads, cakes and other pastries can be picked up.

A good number of Nigerians especially those living in Lagos loves bread.

Many wouldn’t mind paying a thousand to get a loaf provided they are delicious and top quality.

It is this group of people and more that we target with this post.

This article will provide an insight on the places to buy best delicious breads in Lagos.

To all bread lovers in Lagos this post will excite you as we are about to unveil the most delicious breads in Lagos, Nigeria.

Lagos Most Delicious Breads & Cakes

There are so many nice and delicious breads in Lagos state.

Most major restaurants and supermarkets / superstores always have bakeries attached to them.

These bakeries produces and manufactures good and top breads in Lagos.

Morestill, there are great and delicious breads in Victoria Island and other parts of Lagos Islands.

Some of the best breads in Lagos are delicious breads in Lagos Island and Ikeja.

Below are some of the breads in Lagos that we consider among the bests and most delicious breads in Lagos, Nigeria.

Eric Kayser Bread

Eric Kayser is one of the best bread and pastries bakery in Victoria Island Lagos.

Eric Kayser Bread is one of the best and most delicious breads in Victoria Island and Lagos state.

Their bread outlet is located at 864 A Bishop Aboyade Cole Victoria Island, Lagos 101241.

It is French Restaurant and is one of the best place to buy pastries and breads in Lagos, Nigeria.

Breadish Bread

Breadish bread is another top quality and delicious bread one can find in Lagos.

The company specializes in baking of breads and other pastries.

Their sardine breads and chicken breads is among the best in Lagos.

They are best bread in Lagos Mainland.

Oasis Bread

Oasis bread is a prosuct of Ostrich bakery. This is good bread to enjoy in Lagos.

Oasis bread as among top breads in Lagos comes in different varieties like cake bread, sardine breads, fruit bread etc.

Bread Lounge

Also among the best bread you can buy in Lagos Island is Bread Lounge.

Bread Lounge can be found at Lekki. They bake and sell different types of breads like chocolate breads, sardine breads and fruits breads etc.

Their breads is one of the best breads in Lagos and beyond.

Spar Bread

Spar, a top chain supermarket in Nigeria operates one of the best bakeries in Nigeria for pastries and bread making.

Their Spar Bread is rated among the best and delicious breads in Lagos.

They offer the best bread baking in Nigeria. Also, other pastries like muffins, cakes, pizza can be found and gotten at Spar.

Spar bread joins others in this post as the list of best bread in Lagos. These are must eat breads in Lagos, Nigeria.


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