Best Cars for Taxi & Uber in Nigeria (2023)

Best Cars to Use for Taxi in Nigeria

Transportation business is very viable in Nigeria.

Best Cars for Taxi in Nigeria

Both conveying of goods and human are popular means of livelihood in Nigeria.

Nigeria is a country of over 200 million people and greater number of these population moves around the city with taxi and bolt drivers.

Greater population of Nigerians are poor and cars are considered very expensive and not easily affordable in Nigeria.

Hence greater population of Nigerians resort to use of Public transportation for their movements within the country.

Driving of taxi in Nigeria is one of long aged jobs in Nigeria.

Technology has taken that job to next level with introduction of Uber and taxify also known as bolt.

Driving of taxi or Uber is one of the highly engaged jobs by young Nigerians.

However, to effectively drive taxi in Nigeria, a good and fuel efficient car is required.

So,this post will unveil the best cars for bolt, Uber and taxi in Nigeria.

Choosing the best car for taxi and Uber in Nigeria requires a careful choice and selection.

This is as result of many reasons ranging from nature of Nigerian roads and cost and easily availability of fuel in Nigeria.

In this article, we will stating the cars in Nigeria that are best for taxi and Uber.

Cheap Fuel Efficient Cars for Taxi in Nigeria

Most intending taxi drivers in Nigeria always seek to acquire cheap cars for taxi or fuel efficient cars for taxi business in Nigeria.

By fuel efficient cars, we mean cars that do not consume high volume of fuel while functioning.

The essence of looking for these qualities for taxi cars in Nigeria is to maximize profit.

Most taxi passengers in Nigeria do not pay or like to pay high fares or charges.

So, to maximize profit, taxi drivers will have to devise means to keep cost of running and maintaining taxi cheap in Nigeria.

One of the best way to do this is to get a cheap car for taxi or Uber.

This are cars for taxi business that shouldn’t run into millions to purchase or procure.

Also, drivers of taxi in Nigeria also go for cars that are fuel efficient.

This helps them cut down on cost of fuel for running or operating of taxi or Uber in Nigeria.

Morestill, going for cars that are easy to maintain is ideal cars for taxi in Nigeria.

Nigerian roads are not the best one can find across the globe.

So taxi cars suffer the effects of these poor nature of Nigerian roads.

So cars that can easily be maintained are best for taxi transportation in Nigeria.

Best & Popular Cars for Taxi in Nigeria

Below is the list of good and ideal cars for taxify and Uber business in Nigeria.

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla 2000 model to 2013 model has been identified as the best car for taxi business in Nigeria.

This Nigerian best taxi ride is highly considered for Uber driving because of its fuel efficiency, ruggedness and user friendly.

It is car mostly used for uber and taxify in Nigeria.

Toyota Corolla is currently the most used car in Nigeria.

Volkswagen Jetta

Volkswagen Jetta is another car that is easy to maintain and good for taxi business in Nigeria especially the older models.

The fuel efficiency of Volkswagen jetta is highly commendable and recommended for taxi and public transportation in Nigeria.

Spare parts of Volkswagen Jetta are readily available in Nigeria and the car survive the poor Nigerian road for a long time.

Toyota Yaris

Another ride that we recommend that is good for taxi in Nigeria is Toyota Yaris.  The models 2005,2006 and 2007 Toyota Yaris is a good car option for taxi in Nigeria.

It is also fuel efficient and easy to maintain.

Mazda CX-5

Most late 2000s Mazda cars are good for public transportation and taxi business in Nigeria.

We are singling out Mazda CX-5 as best Mazda car for taxi job in Nigeria because of its top quality which includes fuel efficiency, easy drive, cheap to maintain and affordability.

It is one of the best cheap cars for uber and taxify business in Nigeria.


KIA Rio is beginning to enter Nigerian roads as good ride for taxi.

KIA is built in model of most Toyota cars. Just like the South Korean top Car brand, KIA Rio is car that saves fuel and that is good for taxi business in Nigeria.

Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Accent is also considered a car that is cheap to maintain and that is good for taxi.

Hyundai Accent are good looking and can provide the best taxi driving experience for taxi drivers in Nigeria through its flawless features like fuel efficiency and speed.

End Note on Best Cars for Taxi in Nigeria

These are some of the cars we considered most suitable for taxi driving and uber business in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, every other cars that is road worthy is allowed to ply or operate as taxi in Nigeria in as much as they are registered.

So, for our readers who might be considering running a taxi business, you can also look up to this post for choosing the best car for taxi business.


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