Best Cat Ear Headphones & Prices in Nigeria

This article will review the cost price of cat ear headsets in Nigeria.

One of the advancements in headphones industry in recent times is the production and manufacture of cat ear wireless headphones.

In Nigeria, this is otherwise known as girls headest with lights, hence you see people asking what is the price of girls headset with lights in Nigeria.

This headphones is specifically targeted at girls and ladies who exploit the headset for effective listening pleasure and audio quality.

While the acceptance of the headset is high, the price of cat headset in Nigeria is considered very expensive.

This may not be unconnected to the fact the headphone design is still new and mostly associated with females.

This post will discuss the price of car ear headphones in Nigeria.

How Much is Cost of Cat Ear Headset in Nigeria?

The cost price of cat ear headphones in Nigeria is not pegged and is not definite. This because of certain factors such as

  • Type of Car Ear Headphone
  • Specifications
  • Purchasing Stores

These are some reasons why it is possible to give a definite general price of cat ear headphones.

However, there is an estimate price of cat headset in Nigeria. The average estimate price of cat ear headphones in Nigeria is N8000.

The price might be slightly up in some tech stores depending on the brand and specifications too.

It is important to note that some cat ear headphones are of top quality like CX- B39M.

These types of cat ear Headsets can cost average of N10,000. Nevertheless, most brands of cat ear headset in Nigeria would cost average of N8000.

Below is list of Cat Ear Headsets and their estimate prices in Nigeria.

  • Cats CX-B39M – N10,000 – N15,000
  • CAT STN – N8500 – N9000
  • Cat Ears KT-49 – N7500 – N8000
  • Cat Ear VIV 23- N8000 – N12,000
  • Cat Ears KT-47 – N6000 – N7000
  • Cat Ears KT-46 – N10,500 – N13,000
  • Cat Ears KT-43 – N12,000 – N15,000

These are estimates prices of cat ear wireless headsets in Nigeria.

Best Cat Ear Headsets in Nigeria

What are the best cat ear girls headset in Nigeria? Find out our pick of the best wireless cat headphones in Nigeria.

There are so many brands of cats ear headsets in Nigeria , however experience from our unboxing showed that the following wireless listening cat ear girls headest are the best in Nigeria.

  • CX-B39M Cats
  • Cat Ears KT Series: KT-47, KT-46,KT-57,KT- 58A, KT-48
  • Cat Ears VIV Series: viv23m,viv24m,viv33m,viv38m,viv58m

These are some of the best quality girls wireless headset in Nigeria and they usually come in different colours such as pink,red etc.


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