Best Ceiling Fans in Nigeria & Prices (2023)

How Much is Best Ceiling Fan in Nigeria

Ceiling fans are very popular in Nigeria despite advent of other house cooling systems in Nigeria.

Price of Best Ceiling fans in Nigeria

As the name implies, ceiling fans are mounted at the top of ceiling of a room or an apartment for effective circulation of air and cooling.

There are numerous ceiling fan brands in Nigeria like National, SMC, OX etc.

However, when buying ceiling fans in Nigeria, most important factor always considered are quality, durability and performance.

Ceiling fans that meets these features are considered good and among best ceiling fans in Nigeria.

We know that majority of household in Nigeria still use ceiling fans or combination of ceiling fans and other cooling systems.

Hence, people still sought for best quality and ceiling fans with good prices.

It is this gas in finding the best quality ceiling fans in Nigeria and their prices that this post is out to close.

So, in this article, informations about the price of quality ceiling fans in Nigeria will be made available.

The prices of ceiling fan in Nigeria is hugely decided by its quality.

Prices of Best Ceiling Fans in Nigeria

Ceiling fan still has some advantages over other house cooling systems like air conditioner, stand fan.

Ceiling fans consume little power when compared to air Conditioners and it circulates air effectively and simultaneously unlike standing or wall fan.

These are some of the reasons why ceiling fans are still a good and popular choice in Nigeria.

Below are some of the best quality and ceiling fans and how much they are sold in Nigeria markets.

Prices of OX Ceiling Fan in Nigeria

OX ceiling fan is rated among the best ceiling fans in Nigeria.

The company is known for producing best and durable cooling systems like ceiling fans, standing fans and wall fans in Nigeria.

The cost of OX ceiling fan in Nigeria are discussed below.

  • OX 62 inches ceiling fan: N15,000 to N20,000
  • OX 60 inches ceiling fan: N13,000 to N19,000
  • OX 25 inches ceiling fan: N8000
  • OX 56 inches ceiling fan: N12000

Prices of SMC Ceiling Fans in Nigeria

SMC ceiling fans is ranked as one of the best ceiling fans in Nigeria.

The brands has existed in Nigeria for decades and has won the trust of users.

SMC ceiling fans mostly comes in 56 inches.

The price and cost of SMC ceiling fan ranged between N23,000 to N33,000 depending on the model.

Price of Qasa Ceiling Fans in Nigeria

Qasa fans is among the best ceiling fans in Nigeria market.

Here are the price of Qasa fans in Nigeria. Qasa ceiling fans comes both in long and short blades.

These are cost of Qasa ceiling fans in Nigeria.

  • Qasa 24 inches ceiling fan: N9000 to N12,000
  • Qasa 56 inches ceiling fan: 18,000 to N22,000

Price of ORL Ceiling Fans in Nigeria

Another top quality ceiling fan brand in Nigeria is ORL.

The fan is durable, noiseless and effective.

Price of ORL ceiling fan varies depending on the size.This is the cost of ORL ceiling fans in Nigeria.

  • ORL 60 inches ceiling fan: N18,000 to N21,000
  • ORL 25 inches ceiling fan: N9000 to N11,000
  • ORL 62 inches ceiling fan: N24,000
  • ORL 56 inches ceiling fan: N15,000

Price of Century Ceiling Fan in Nigeria

Century join host of other ceiling fans on this list as one of the best fan to buy in Nigeria.

It comes both in ceiling and industrial models. Here are prices of Century ceiling fans in Nigeria.

  • Century 25/24 inches ceiling fan: N8000 to N10,000
  • Century 56 inches ceiling fan: N15,000
  • Century 60 inches ceiling fan: N18,000

End Note On Best Ceiling Fans in Nigeria

The above listed ceiling fans are some of the best and good quality you can find in market.

For the prices of these fans in Nigeria, there might be disparity from what we have here, occasioned by market forces.

So, it is imperative to check from direct dealers for current price while this post serve as guide to your budget.

Also, there are other numerous top quality fans and ceiling fans that are available in Nigeria markets.


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