Best & Cheapest Button Phones Prices in Nigeria

The prices of the cheapest button phones in Nigeria will be reviewed in this article.

Despite the emergency and high acceptability and use of smartphones phones in Nigeria, non smartphones otherwise known as button phones has continued to enjoy high patronage in Nigeria.

These phones are called button phones because of its design which comes with keypad buttons.

Most users of button phones in Nigeria use it as an auxiliary phones which is used to compliment smartphones.

While many people call these non-smartphones button phones, others called it small phones and non browsing phones too.

These phones serves as backup to smartphones incase of lost or theft of smartphones.

Button phones in Nigeria comes in numerous brands and prices.

Oftentimes, people look out for button phones with cheap prices and long battery life.

This is because they are expected to be operational all round the day and week.

So people consider battery capacity and life when making purchase of button phones in Nigeria.

Also, the prices is another major factor people look out for when buying button phones.

People look to buy button phones in Nigeria at good prices.

Because they consider the functions of the phone as being minimal unlike the smartphones.

In this blog post, prices of the best & cheapest button phones in Nigeria will be discussed.

Prices of the Cheapest & Best Button Phones in Nigeria

Here is the list of most cheap button phones in Nigeria.

They are also among the best and strongest buttons phones that can last long without faults and issues.

Consider these phones when you are looking for button phones to buy in Nigeria.

Itel 2160 – N8000

Itel 2160 with an average price of N8000 is one of the cheapest button phones in Nigeria.

Itel 2160 is equally one of the best and durable button phones in Nigeria which sleek shape.

It comes with 5C battery which is long lasting and easily available.

Itel 2160 comes with high memory space which can contain over 1000 contacts.

Tecno 301 – N9000

Tecno 301 which is one of the best Tecno button phones is also ranked among the cheapest button phones in Nigeria.

The average price of Tecno 301 in Nigeria is N9000. The phone comes with a very bold and visible keyboard button which makes it easier to type letter and numbers.

It is a double SIM enabled button phone with a memory card slot space.

This is one of the best and most popular Tecno button phones in Nigeria.

Nokia 105 – N9000

Nokia 105 is at the top of the highly rated best button phones in Nigeria with long lasting battery.

Nokia has reputation of manufacturing of durable phones especially their non smartphones.

Nokia 105 is one of the best selling button phones in Nigeria which is owing to its quality and price which is slated at average of N9000.

Nokia 105 is a good button phone to buy in Nigeria for business or for official purposes like errands.

This Nokia phone brand is not only the cheapest button phone in Nigeria but is equally the cheapest nokia button phones in Nigeria.

Bontel 105 Fast Charge – N6000

Bontel 105 is one of the best performing button phones in Nigeria that is cheap.

The phone comes with a fast charge feature which makes its recharge faster than usual.

This bontel button phone cost average of N6000 which makes it one of the current cheapest button phones in Nigeria.

It’s a dual SIM button phone with memory card slot space that is cost effective and cheap.

Tecno 101- N9500

Tecno 101 remain one of the button phone with high quality in Nigeria.

It is sold at average price of about N9000. The dual SIM button phone is among the cheapest and best button phones with durability and top performance.

Tecno 101 is regarded as one of the cheapest best button phones in Nigeria at the above price too.

The phone is cool and very handy too. The phones listed above are currently the best and cheapest button phones to buy in Nigeria.


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