Best Courses to Study in Canada as an International Student

Certification is very crucial to work or practice in any labour sector in Canada irrespective of how casual or less technical you can think of the sector.

This is why colleges in Canada provides learning and education in almost all sectors of labour in the country.

Which courses in Canada has high and best employability potential in Canada? Providing answer to this question will be the major focus of this blog article.

It is not a secret that most international students who are headed to Canada usually prefer to stay back and work in the country upon graduation.

If this is one of your goals as a Canada future international student, the you have to be intentional in picking courses that pays high salary in Canada as well as courses with high rate of employment in Canada.

Generally, Canada is one of the world’s best economies with low unemployment rate across the globe.

The standard of education in Canada is very impressive and provides students with skills which makes them either independent service providers, entrepreneurs or increase their employability quality.

Irrespective of course of study in Canada as an international student, you have a very good chances of gaining employment with good pay in the North American country.

Nevertheless, certain courses in Canada provides high employability rate and good salaries and pay than others especially for international students.

These courses are considered as best courses to study in Canada with high salaries and pay.

These courses also gives high chance of gaining employment in shortest possible time because these are the most indemand professions and courses in Canada.

So, in this article, we will be discussing the best and most indemand courses and professions in Canada.

List of Best Courses to Study in Canada for International Students

If you are looking to move to Canada as an international student who would want to stay back and work upon graduation, these courses gives high employment potential and good salary too.

Here are some of the high earning and paying professions in Canada and courses that pay high salary in Canada too.

Early Childhood Education

This is one of the most indemand professions in Canada. Early Childhood Education gives students who major in it high employment opportunities as well as good salaries.

It is one of the best paying professions and courses in Canada.

Canadian government is very serious with early childhood education and provides all the necessary support to keep the sector very productive and perfect.

Social Work / Social Worker

Social Work is another course or profession in the league of high paying courses and jobs in Canada.

As a social worker, you can fit into numerous environment and this is why those who study social work in Canada stand high chances of landing jobs and employment easily.

These professionals are very instrumentals in providing support for communities and families.

Medicals & Health

Here we are looking at doctors,nurses, pharmacists etc. This courses and professions have high employment opportunities in Canada as it is in most western countries.

International students who major in any of these courses in Canada would earn very high in salary and wouldn’t find it difficult practising as opportunities are abound for these profession and courses in Canada.

Personal Support Worker ( PSW)

Personal Support Worker is among the best courses to study in Canada as an international student.

Students who undertakes this course upon graduation can find opportunities in many sectors such as care homes, schools etc helping both adults, aged and children of needs. It is a course that is high demand in Canada with high salary as well.

Truck Driving

Driving is a lucrative skill in Canada and this extends to both taxi and truck driving.

However, the demand for truck drivers are very high in Canada with impressive earnings too. Truck driving is a course in many colleges in Canada.

This is another good and viable course to study in Canada as an international student especially if you love driving and being on the road.


Being a financial experts is very rewarding as their services are very crucial to operations of businesses and financial dealings.

This is another top profession in Canada that is not short of opportunities. It is a good viable course to read in Canada as an international student.

Computer Science / Software Development

Skills in tech is a top one around the world including Canada. Software development and management is in high demand in Canada and their pay is very high as well.

Having the skill of using computer to provide solutions such as software development, cyber security, web development etc presents lucrative opportunities in Canada.

Hence this one of the highly sought after professions and courses in Canada with high paying salaries too.


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