Best Drone Cameras & Prices in Nigeria (2024)

The use of drone cameras in Nigeria for video coverage is becoming increasingly normal.

Prices of Best Drone Cameras in Nigeria

Drone cameras makes coverage of events easier and facilitate easy taking of camera shots of ordinarily difficult angles.

This article will discuss the prices of the best drone cameras in Nigeria.

If you want to have a drone with a camera at home or for official duties, you can get some very powerful models without spending too much.

Drone Cameras are becoming more affordable and easier to handle.

Fortunately, getting a drone with a camera is no longer a whim reserved for a few as a result of availability of some cheap drone cameras in Nigeria.

Also, buying and choosing the best drone cameras in Nigeria is largely decided on the funtions and the price.

You’ll find in this article the best drone camera models in Nigeria that can be found on the market right now, which would suit your very photography or videography or even fun needs.

So, you can get an idea of ​​what you should look for before taking the plunge.

First, it is recommended that you start with the cheapest ones, but once you have practice, do not hesitate to look for the drones with the best camera and take the most spectacular videos and photographs that come your way.

I have compiled some of the best camera drones that you can buy in 2023, here in Nigeria, with which, in addition to having fun doing stunts, you can shoot spectacular aerial shots.

The optimization of camera sensors has allowed cameras to be smaller and lighter, this has undoubtedly favored the appearance of better cameras mounted on drones.

Currently you can find a huge variety of camera drones, but if you want to take the best shots, the ideal is to opt for models that have at least one HD camera.

Basically, there are three types of drones, they include the racing, camera, and professional drones.

Without further ado, Here’s the best five drones cameras you can get in Nigeria from any online store and physical stores.

Prices of Best Drone Cameras in Nigeria

In the section below, we will discuss the best drone cameras in Nigeria and their prices.

These are some of the best and cheap drone cameras that is best for events coverage and video coverage too.

Through this post you will discover some of the strongest and best performing drone cameras that can help upgrade your video coverage functions.

1. Mini Foldable Quadcopter With HD Camera – ₦25,000

If you are going to start drone piloting, it is best to do it with one of the most affordable camera drones on the market since, most likely, you will have the occasional incident with it until you become familiar with the movements and get control of the device.

This is a perfect drone with a camera to start with, as it has a propeller protection system that prevents them from breaking with the impacts of the first flights.

It costs nearly about ₦25,000 in markets in Nigeria.

Features: Extra propellers, Protection frame, and USB cable.


  • Camera: 0.3MP
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Battery: 500mAh
  • Remote controller battery: Smartphone operated (via WiFi)
  • Flight time: 7 – 8 minutes
  • Charging time: 120 minutes
  • Control distance: 40m
  • Dimension: 13.5 x 6.5 x 2.5cm (folded), 13.5 x 16 x 2.5cm (unfolded)

2. Syma X8G RC Quadcopter – ₦51,000

This is one of the cheapest and most affordable professional drone cameras in Nigeria.

Without leaving the range of cheap beginner drones, we find a classic in this category: the Syma X8G RC Quadcopter.

This model stands out for its easy handling and its resistance to shocks, something that has made it the preferred drone for beginners.

In addition to being a very affordable drone for anyone who wants to try the experience of piloting a drone, its spare parts are very easy to find, so its maintenance does not require excessive financial effort.

It costs N51,000 here in Nigerian online stores. It is good drone cameras in Nigeria for those into video coverage.

Features: Remote control, USB charger, Camera, and its User manual.


  • Camera: 8.0MP
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Battery: 2000mAh Li-Po
  • Remote controller battery: 4 x 1.5AA (doesn’t come with the device)
  • Flight time: 10 – 12 minutes
  • Charging time: 70 minutes
  • Control distance: 100m
  • Dimension: 50 x 50 x 19cm

3. SH5W RC Quadcopter – ₦40,000

Another camera drone with an affordable price and good features is the SH5W RC Quadcopter.

With an HD quality camera and 2 megapixel resolution and a flight range of between 4 and 6 minutes, the SH5W RC Quadcopter promises to be a good trainer in piloting and recording aerial videos.

The price ranges between N35000 to N40,000.

Features: Remote control, 4 guard circles, 4 propellers, 4 landing gears, USB cable, Screwdriver, 6 screws, Camera, A set of phone holder components, User manual


  • Camera: 2.0MP HD
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Battery: 500mAh Li-Ion
  • Remote controller battery: 4 x 1.5V AA
  • Flight time: 6 minutes
  • Charging time: 120 minutes
  • Control distance: 120m
  • Dimension: 31.5 x 31.5 x 11.0cm

4. Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Drone – ₦350,000

Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Drone is one of the very best drone cameras in Nigeria for coverage of events videographers.

Talking about a compact and light minidrone that will hardly take up space in your backpack, which will also aid easier transportation, only the Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Drone can guarantee that.

This camera has some really interesting features such as real-time video transmission with HD quality and a range of up to 2 km away.

It costs a whopping sum of N350,000 thereabout and is one of the best rated drone cameras in Nigeria with decent price.

Features: Hard case, Remote controller, Charging cable, 64GB microSDcard, Quadcopter battery, 1-hour fast charger, Propellers, Small parts.


  • Camera: 12MP
  • Battery: 4900mAh
  • Remote controller battery: 6000mAh Li-Ion
  • Flight time: 25 minutes
  • Maximum Speed: 16m/s
  • Control distance: 2km
  • Weight: 1.42kg

5. DJI Mavic PRO – ₦900,000

Another top best drone cameras in Nigeria with strong and long battery life is DJI Mavic PRO.

With the DJI Mavic PRO we are already getting serious and delving into a range of drones cameras that offer fun and quality in equal parts.

Actually, I am talking about a light minidrone that will hardly take up space in your backpack, which makes it much easier to transport.

In addition to wide coverage, the DJI Mavic PRO camera has the FaceAware system that, through gesture controls, allows it to recognize faces and automatically focus on them while hovering.

This is one of the high-end drone cameras in Nigeria.

It also allows you to set a moving target, such as a person or a pet, and the drone will follow them so you can focus on taking the most spectacular aerial shots with your drone.

It costs about a whooping sum of N900,000 on average. However, the price of this drone camera in Nigeria might differ depending on stores and outlets.

Features: Quadcopter, Remote control, USB cable, 4 blades, 4 protection frames, 750mAh Li-Po battery, Screwdriver, Card reader, Camera, and User manual.


  • Camera: 12.35MP
  • Battery: 3830mAh
  • Remote controller battery: 2970mAh LiPo
  • Flight time: 27 minutes
  • Maximum Speed: 65kph
  • Control distance: 7km
  • Weight: 743g

Thank you for reading the article through. I believe it was helpful in helping you make a good choice for choosing the best drone cameras that can last in air for hours while covering your events.

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