Best Electric Cookers in Nigeria & Prices (2023)

This article will center on the price of best electric cookers in Nigeria.

Electric cookers prices in Nigeria

Advancements in technology has also impacted our mode of food cooking or heating in Nigeria.

Cooking energy has continued to evolve over time in Nigeria.

Woods has remained the most popular and used cooking energy in Nigeria.

However, more Nigerians are beginning to adopt others energy sources for cooking others then woods and charcoal.

One of the trendy cooking energy in Nigeria is the use of electric cookers.

Electric cooker is a cooking energy produced through use of electricity.

It is one of the fasted cooking energy in Nigeria currently.

Electric cookers has numerous advantages Over other cooking energy.

Electric cookers are very fast in cooking and also keeps the cooking utensils very tidy and clean.

It is also ones of the cheapest cooking energy in Nigeria especially for those on estimated bill or post paid electricity tarrif.

In Nigeria, there are numerous types of electric cookers with each having a unique features and strengths.

Most of these electric cookers in Nigeria are products of top electronics companies in Nigeria.

Some electric cookers in Nigeria has better control, power consumption and fast cooking than others.

These electric cookers are considered best electric cookers in Nigeria.

In this article, prices of the best electric cookers in Nigeria will be unveiled and discussed.

Costs of Best Electric Cookers in Nigeria

In this part of the post, we will be bringing to you the prices and best electric cookers in Nigeria.

They as well among the best and safest electric cookers to use in Nigeria.

When buying electric cookers in Nigeria, safety must be paramount consideration as well as effectiveness.

These are some of the factors we put into cognizance before coming up with the list of best electric cookers and hot plates in Nigeria.

Daewoo Electric Spiral Hot Plate -N7,500

One of the best electric cookers in Nigeria is Daewoo electric spiral hot plate.

This fast cooking electric cooker or hot plate is sold for price of an average of N7500.

It is one of the most portable electric cookers in Nigeria which can easily be moved about without taking much space.

Daewood electric cooker is built with protective case and coates to avoid electric shock and ensure safe even when misused.

It no doubt among the best electric cookers found in Nigeria.

Master Chef Electric Cooker -N10,000

Master Chef electric cooker is one of the best electric hot plates in Nigeria.

It is one of best electric cookers used in homes in Nigeria.

The average price of this Nigeria’s top best electric cooker is N10,000.

Master Chef electric cookers comes in different variations like double plates, triple plates etc.

This can help effect multiple cooking simultaneously without delay and interference.

Each of the plates has separate control which is safely built to enhance easy usage.

It is one of the Nigeria’s most widely used electric cookers.

Pyramid Double Burner Electric Cooker – N14,500

Another best and long lasting electric cooker in Nigeria is Pyramid Double Burner Electric cooker.

It is very similar to Master Chef electric cooker as it also come mostly in double cooking plates.

The price of the top brand of electric cooker in Nigeria is N14,500.

It is also one of the electric cookers in Nigeria that doesn’t consume too much energy.

It is a user friendly electric cooker which is very fast in cooking.

Saisho Double Burner Electric Cooker -N9000

Saisho electric cooker is very effective and conduceive for cooking and heat of edibles and meals.

It cost an average of N9000 to buy Saisho electric cooker in Nigeria.

It is light weight and easily carried about. Saisho burning plates is built a bit up from the base to ensure safety even when used inappropriately or without causing harm when in use.

Saisho electric cooker is less energy consuming electric cookers in Nigeria which makes it an Ideal electric cookers in Nigeria that can be used in prepaid meter.

Zilan Induction Hot Plate -N 34,000

Zilan hot plate is one of the best and most advanced electric cookers in Nigeria.

The price of the electric cooker is about N34,000 across markets in Nigeria.

It is a glass surface electric cookers with control buttons.

Zilan electric cooker or hot plate is ones of the fastest cooking hot plates or electric cookers in Nigeria.

It is also among the best electric cookers that is strong and durable in Nigeria.


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