Best Energy Drinks in Nigeria (2023)

Energy Drinks in Nigeria That is Safe & Good

Energy drinks which are carbonated beverage drink that provides energy are becoming popular and widely consumed in Nigeria.

Best Energy Drinks in Nigeria


Nigeria beverage market has seen a surge in emergence of energy drinks from different manufacturers.

Some of the most energy drinks in Nigeria markets are produced by Nigeria’s most reputable food and beverage production companies.

As consumption and use of energy drinks in Nigeria continues to grow especially among young people, caution must be taken to make sure that only the best energy drinks in Nigeria are patronized.

There is no doubt that lots of energy drinks are floating around Nigeria market with some being locally prepared.

Experts has also warned that caffeine which is a major component of majority of energy drinks in Nigeria is not healthy for diabetic, pregnant and breastfeeding persons.

Also, only NAFDAC approved energy drinks should be patronized and use of locally manufactured energy drinks without government approval should be shunned.

In this post, we will be discussing the Nigeria best energy drinks in the market.

Top Energy Drinks in Nigeria

Below is the list of most effective and consumed energy drinks in Nigeria.

All the energy drinks on the list are government approved and certified for consumption in the country.

Lucozade Boost

Lucozade Boost is rated the best energy drink in Nigeria.

It is an energy drink in Nigeria that is caffeine free.

It is also one of most popular energy drink in Nigeria.

It comes in different sizes and packaging. Lucozade Boost is manufactured in Nigeria by Suntory beverage and food Nigeria Limited.

Power Horse

Power Horse is among Nigerians most favorite energy drinks.

The energy beverage is produced in Austria by Power Horse Energy Drinks GmbH.

It comes in canned package and in 250ml and 335ml. It one of the oldest energy drink in Nigeria.

Red Bull

Red Bull is another foreign energy drink that is highly patronized in Nigeria.

Red bull is also regarded as one of the best energy drinks in Nigeria because of its zero sugar variant in production.

It is an Austria products manufactured by Red Bull GmbH, Austria.

The 250ml can of Red Bull energy drink is sold for around N350 in Nigeria.


Fearless energy drink is perhaps the most popular and consumed energy drink in Nigeria currently.

The Nigeria popular and top energy drink is manufactured by renowned Nigeria food and beverage company, Rites Foods Limited.

Fearless energy drink comes in Red Berry and Classic flavours.

It is one of few Nigeria energy drinks that is packaged in plastic can. Fearless energy drink also contains caffeine.


Monster Energy drink is another fast selling energy drink in Nigeria that contain caffeine.

It is also ranked among the most effective energy drinks in Nigeria.

Monster is produced by Monster Beverage Corporation and marketed by Coca-Cola.

The energy drink comes in black can of 450ml and the price of monster energy drink in Nigeria is sold between N350 and N400.


Climax energy drink is also the list of best and top energy drinks in Nigeria.

It is a product of Nigerian Breweries and is blended with herbs. Climax energy drink is sold around N300 per can.


Bullet energy drink is one of the top consumed energy drinks in Nigeria.

It comes in two variants of Blue bullet and Black bullet.

Black bullet is an energy drink mixed with vodka.

It is one of the healthiest energy drink in Nigeria.

Bullet energy drink of 250 ml can is sold for price of N400.

Side Effects of Energy Drinks

As large number of people in Nigeria continues to patronize and enjoy energy drinks in Nigeria, experts has warned of dangers associated with excessive intake of energy drinks.

Some studies and publications has shown that some of the side effects of drinking energy drinks and its dangers are :

  • Increase in blood pressure and heart rate. 
  • Excessive intake of sugar sweetened caffeine energy drinks can risk developing of diabetes. 
  • Mixing energy drinks with alcohol can lead to unwholesome behaviors. 
  • Too much intake of energy drinks can lead to caffeine overdose and possible toxicity. 


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