10 Best Hair Relaxer Creams in Nigeria

The use of hair relaxer in Nigeria is very high as result of our hair conditions which is usually coarse and strong.

Best hair relaxers creams in Nigeria

Hair relaxer are creams applied to the hair to it soften or straighten the hair depending on the effect desired.

The effect of hair relaxer on the hair can last up to 8 weeks before another hair relaxing process can be considered.

Ordinarily, a relaxer is one of many types of hair creams available.

But the name relaxer was coined as result of the effect of the cream on the hair.

Relaxers which usually contain alkali when applied to the hair, penetrates the layers of the hair shaft & it loosens the natural curl pattern which results in softer hair.

Application of relaxer to the hair makes the hair soft and easier to pattern in any desired way.

It is also one of the best creams for hair treatment.

Hair relaxers are used to watch off dirts in the hair, thus keeping the hair clean.

There are numerous types and brands of hair relaxer in Nigeria.

Many users has noted that not all hair relaxer produces desired effects.

Also, some hair relaxer are highly concentrated that they can harm the hair at slight misuse.

This is why it is important that only the best hair relaxers should be considered when buying or using.

In this article, we will review the best hair relaxers in Nigeria that is soft and safe on the hair.

Best Relaxers for Stubborn Hairs in Nigeria

Below is the review of the best hair relaxers in Nigeria which can be used to treat and wash hairs.

They are among the best hair relaxers that aids hair growth.

Also, through this article,you will discover hair relaxers in Nigeria that do not change hair colour when applied.

ORS Olive Oil Relaxer

The ORS Olive Oil Relaxer is considered one of the best hair relaxer in Nigeria.

It is considered a very effective hair relaxer for those with stubborn hairs.

The relaxer is prepared with organic agents that provides protection and growth of hair.

ORS relaxer is easily one of the best relaxer in Nigeria. It is as well one of the most popular hair relaxer brands in Nigeria.

The hair treatment relaxer is prepared with contents such as shea butter,pequil oils which aids in hair growth.

This hair relaxer ensures easy relaxation of hair which makes styling easily possible.

Vitale Olive Oil Relaxer

Another top quality hair relaxer in Nigeria is Vitale Olive Oil Relaxer.

It is another good hair relaxer that is recommended for those with stubborn hairs.

The relaxer is an anti-breakage, No-lye, and Conditioning relaxer which makes it a good choice for those with stubborn hair.

Vitale Olive oil relaxer contains olive oil, coconut oil, and vitamins.

All these contents of the relaxer is prepared to prevent hair breakage which provides healthy hair for its users.

This is one of the most popular hair relaxer available in Nigeria for washing of hair.

Dr. Miracle’s No Lye Relaxer

Also in the list of best hair relaxers available in Nigeria is Dr. Miracle’s relaxer.

The relaxer is a No-Lye relaxer which means it is soft on the scalp and does not cause damage to your hair.

The hair relaxer contains vitamins such as vitamins A and E which is effective for growth of hair and hair treatments as well.

The relaxer also contains oils such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil which all help to keep hair healthy and soft.

It is a good relaxer which removes dirts in the hair easily.

Natures Gentle Touch Relaxer

Nature’s Gentle Touch relaxer is among best hair relaxer in Nigeria.

The relaxer has a blend of herbal organic which helps produce the desired hair treatments.

It is a good relaxer that isn’t harsh on the hair as well.

The relaxer is very good for relaxing stubborn hair due to its conditioning formula that makes the hair so much softer after use.

Shea butter and avocado oil are some of the contents of this top hair relaxer brands in Nigeria which are very good for hair washing and styling too.

Soft Sheen Relaxer

Soft Sheen Carson relaxer is a good hair treatment relaxer in Nigeria.

This relaxer is prepared to wash off dirts which accumulates at the hairs. It also aids in dandruff removals too.

The relaxer is a moisturizing No-Lye relaxer and hydrates the hair upon application.

It is made up of Shea Butter, Jojoba, and Avocado Oils which also moisturize the hair.

This relaxer comes in three forms for different uses which are regular for normal hair, super for stubborn hair, and a formula for color-treated hair.

It is a quality hair relaxer which does not damage the hair nor affects the skin in the head.

Argan Oil Relaxer

Argan oil relaxer is top performing hair relaxer which is used to relax and style hair in Nigeria.

It is good hair relaxer that aids and prevent loss of hairs.

The relaxer is one of the best choices for women encountering loss of hair.

The relaxer is packed with argan oil which is a hydrating and very good oil for hair nourishing and growth.

The relaxer comes in two forms: regular and super strength which is the best for those whose hairs do not relax easily.

It is considered amongst the best hair relaxers in Nigeria

Originals Relaxer

Originals Relaxer is regarded as one of the top best hair relaxers in Nigeria.

This relaxer is Africa’s Best Olive Oil conditioning system and is one of the best relaxers for stubborn hairs in Nigeria.

The relaxer is a popular brand as the formula has extra-virgin olive oil which moisturizing and hydrating agent.

The Original relaxer is known for its ability to repair, rebuild, and restore damaged hair.

The hair relaxer makes hair shine, soft and straight too. It is indeed a top hair relaxer brand in Nigeria.

Linange Relaxer

Linange hair relaxer is also a good hair cream for washing, softening and straightening the hair especially for “stubborn hair” in Nigeria.

The relaxer is safe to use in the sense that it can be used at home without much processes involved.

This hair relaxer is a rated among the best hair relaxers in Nigeria because of its good quality.

It is a hair relaxer that do not change the colour of the hair when used or applied.

Linage relaxer is a top rated hair relaxers in Nigeria.

Motions Silken Shine Relaxer

Motions Silken shine relaxer is ranked amongst the best hair relaxer for in Nigeria.

The relaxer is good at damping and softening the hair too.

It is as well very effective hair wash with pleasant fragnace.

Motion silken shine relaxer is very effective in enhancing hair growth.

The relaxer uses a cationic formula with coconut oil that protects the hair and leaves it moisturized, healthy and clean.

Ozone Conditioning Creme Relaxer

Also rated among the best hair relaxers available in Nigeria is the Ozone relaxer.

The hair relaxer is safe to use and healthy too. It enhances hair growth and is good for washing off dirts from hair.

It is a good recommended hair relaxer in Nigeria.

The relaxer is a No-Lye Relaxer is of international standard.

Ozone relaxer is easy to use, apply and harmless too.

It is of good and top quality which can be categorised among the very best hair relaxers in Nigeria.


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