Best Jobs in Canada for International Students

Many international students in Canada rely on their part jobs in Canada to make money for their living expenses and even tuition.

This is why it is important to target high paying jobs for international students in Canada.

One of the immigration rules guiding international students in Canada is capping of working hours.

There is a limit to number of hours international students are expected to work while school is in session in Canada.

This is one of the major reasons why many international students in Canada consciously seek out for high paying jobs and works for international students in Canada.

Also, not all jobs is considered best for international students in Canada. This is because certain roles can affect the academic activities and performance of an international student.

Therefore, this post will review certain jobs in Canada that are considered best jobs for international students in Canada.

These are students jobs in Canada that is flexible and stress free.

Easy Jobs to Do in Canada as an International Student

Immigration laws in Canada limits international students to working hours cap of 20 hours per week. This has led to many international students in Canada picking jobs that are considered best jobs for international students in Canada.

These are jobs that would spare them time for their studies as well as be a high paying job for international student in Canada.

This is because bills must be paid and getting high paying jobs can help you foot some of your bills especially part of your living expenses.

Here are jobs in Canada that can help international student pay their bills and tuition fees. List of best students jobs in Canada with good salaries.

Care Giver/ Support Worker – $18 CAD – $25 CAD Per Hour

Support worker also known as care giver is one of the high and best jobs in Canada for an international student. Support work is very flexible for an international student and comes with a good pay which ranges between $18 – $25 depending on your province.

It is one of the easy to get jobs in Canada as an international student.

Uber/ Taxi Driving – $15 CAD – $20 CAD Per Hour

Uber and taxi driving is a very popular job amongst international students in Canada. This job can give international students flexibility and also allow them earn good bucks while still enrolled in school.

It is easily one of the best and most lucrative jobs in Canada for international students. With this job, an international student in Canada can earn about $1000 CAD within a week.

Airport Worker – $18 CAD – $30 CAD Per Hour

One of the fastest places to get job in Canada as international student is at the airport. There are lot of firms and employers at the airports.

You can easily land job airport with an airline, telecommunications network providers etc. Most airport jobs are good and well paying for international students in Canada.

Server/Waiter/ Bartending – $15 CAD – $18 CAD Per Hour

One of the easiest jobs to get in Canada as an international student is to work in a restaurant as server, waiter and bartender.

Top chain restaurants such as McDonald is very popular in Canada and hires a very significant number of international students. The pay is between $15 CAD – $18 CAD.

Logistics/ Delivery – $18 CAD – $24 CAD Per Hour

A lot of international students in Canada explore job in logistics and delivery sectors. These job comes with a decent remuneration depending on provinces and company.

Most importantly, it is gives international students the flexibility which aid their academics and personal time.

Security – $15 CAD – $30 CAD Per Hour

Security jobs is considered lucrative among international students. Working as security in malls, banks, parks etc comes with salary international students finds attractive.

It also gives the students the time and flexibility to engage on other activities. Security job in Canada can pay as high as $30 CAD depending on the province and company attached to. However, to work as security personnel in Canada, you need to acquire certain certification which can be done and completed within weeks.

Cleaning – $13 CAD -$17 CAD Per Hour

Taking up cleaning jobs as an international student can give you the time and supple an international student needs in Canada for his academics.

Cleaning jobs can range from cleaning schools, malls, parks and othe public places. How much cleaning jobs pays in Canada is dependent on the province and where the cleaning is being done.

Sales Assistant/ Representative – $14 CAD – $18 CAD Per Hour

Having good knowledge of product can earn you role of sale representative. This job can earn you between $14 – $18 CAD.

Also, sales representative roles is readily available and gives international students supple to earn while enrolled in school.

It is one of the job roles international students considers while they are in Canada for international studies because it is flexible and stress free too.


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