Best Kids Tablets in Nigeria & Prices (2023)

This article will discuss the best kid’s tablets in Nigeria as well the prices of these kid’s tablets.

Price of best kids tablets in Nigeria

Technology is advancing education and learning in all phases even among children.

Kids and children education and learning is being enhanced by Android tablets specially designed and manufactured for kids.

These kids and children’s tablets helps children enhance basic learning as well as improve their early use of mobile devices.

Some of the best kids tablets in Nigeria are those with basic children curriculum pre-installed in them.

Some of the major contents of these best kids tablets in Nigeria includes children/nursery rhythms, alphabets pronunciation, figures counting, children’s short stories as well as cartoons.

Also, the best kids tablets in Nigeria are those designed with ruggedness to withstand rough handling from kids and children.

They also comes with other special features like networks and SD card slot for multiple purpose use.

Most parents in Nigeria is adopting buying of tablets for their kids for many reasons.

It helps develop their brain faster. Kids tablets also affords kids independent learning and help keep them busy while they are at home.

It is the best gadget for children and kids currently which most parents would want to get for their kids.

However, the price of kids tablets in Nigeria is not cheap and is in accordance with the quality of the kids tablet being purchased.

In this article, we will look at the the best brands of kids tablets in Nigeria from the pool of all kids and children’s education learning tablets available in Nigeria.

Prices of the Best Kids Tablets in Nigeria

Aside from the children’s learning features, most kids tablets comes with basic mobile features such as sim cards slots, SD card slots and mobile network.

Below are some best and strong kids tablets in Nigeria for learning and education. Price of kids tablets in Nigeria is herein.

Atouch X10 Kids Tablet Price in Nigeria – N35,000

Atouch X10 is one of the best kids tablets in Nigeria for e-learning and education.

The children’s tablets comes with 3gb rom & 32gb ram.

It is also 4G enabled kids tablets. The current price of Atouch X10 children’s tablets starts from N35,000 in Nigeria.

It is one of the best children’s tablets in Nigeria. It comes with WIFI and Bluetooth connectivities and IPS LCD display.

Atouch is a very good kids tablet in Nigeria no doubt.

Lenosed A75 Kids Tablet Price – N38,000

Lenosed A75 kids tablet is another good and strong kids learning tablets in Nigeria.

It comes with a 16gb ram and 2gb rom with a dual core, dual camera.

The price of Lenosed kids tablets starts from N38,000 and above.

It comes in blue and pink colours with bluetooth and wifi connectivities.

The LCD of Lenosed tab 7 has high resolution which provides a very clear graphics for image viewing.

Genius Kids G33 Tablet Price- N37000

This kids tablet comes with a pre installed games and apps with a very thick pouch for protection.

The price of Genius Kids tablets in Nigeria starts from N37,000.

It is 7″ LCD kids tablets with high memory storage of 16gb and 2gb rom.

It is a good kids tablets for children under the age of 7 years.

Modio M1 Kids Tablet Price – N30,000

Another best quality children’s educational tablet to buy in Nigeria is Modio M1 kids tablet.

The price of this good quality kids tablet in Nigeria is around N30,000.

Some of its stand out features includes 8gb storage ram and 1 gb rom.

It comes with lots of children pre-installed learning app.

The camera is very okay and it has WIFI for internet connectivity.

Modio M3 Kids Tablet Price – N35,000

Another top quality kids and children’s learning tablets in Nigeria is the M3 Modio kids tablet.

The starting price of this kids tablet in Nigeria is around N32,000.

It is a 7″ tablet with dual camera learning app for children. Modio M3 is 1gb+16gb children’s tablet.

Epad A707 Kids Tablet Price – N27,000

Epad kids tablets price in Nigeria starts from N27,000.

It is a 7″ kids tablet which provides for easy visual and reading.

The tablet is strongly built for kids and children. It comes with diverse colours and with a colorful case.

Y-Pad Kids Education Tablet Price – N4000

The best educational learning tablet for kids under 5 years is the Y-pad kids tablet.

It is the cheapest Kids learning tablet in Nigeria and it is a 7″ tablet.

The price of Y-Pad tablets starts from N4000 in Nigeria. It is best kids tablets for toddlers in Nigeria.

Smart 2030 Kids Tablet Price in Nigeria – N25,000

Smart 2030 kids education learning tablets is another best kids learning tablets in Nigeria.

The cost of this kids tablet in Nigeria starts from N25,000.

It comes with a 4G Sim card and WIFI connectivity.

It helps keep your child in tune with the new children learning technology.

Atouch A32 Kids Tablet Price – N30,000

This another best kids educational learning tablet from Atouch.

The cost price of this kids tablet starts from N30,000 and above depending on where and the dealer you are buying from.

It is a 7″ children’s tablet with 8gb internal storage.

It also comes with WIFI, dual camera and is quad core tablet.

It is one of the very strong kids tablets in Nigeria for education learning.

Atouch k96 Kids Tablet Price – N35,000

By observing this list of best kids tablets in Nigeria for learning, one can find that Atouch kids tablets is one of the best learning children’s tablets.

The K96 Atouch kids tablet price in Nigeria starts from N35,000.

It comes with a red rose pouch which is very attractive to the kids.

It is a 3gb+32gb kids tablet which makes it one of the most advanced kids tablets in Nigeria.

It a good buy for kids education learning tablets.

Wintouch Kids Tablet Price – N32,000

Wintouch kids tablet is best rated kids tablets in Nigeria for learning and education.

It come with wifi and 16gb internal storage which makes it best smart tablet for kids in Nigeria.

This best children’s tablets for learning is 7″ in size and is strongly designed and built to resist pressure.

It is one of the best education and learning tablets for kids in Nigeria.


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