Best Kitchen Blenders & Prices in Nigeria

Despite the fact that Kitchen blender is a very important kitchen equipment, the average cost price of blender in Nigeria is holding many back from getting hold of it.

Kitchen blender does lots of kitchen jobs as it is an equipment which is used to grind, slice or crush our edibles to desired state for easily and better output suitable for consumption.

Majorly, kitchen blender has come to the replace and do the traditional job of mortar and pestle.

Blenders encourage fast and healthy preparation of meals.

Kitchen blenders use in Nigeria is predominant in cities, this may not be unconnected to its usage which requires some technical know-how as well as electricity.

Nevertheless, it’s use can still be found sparingly in rural and semi- urban areas.

Kitchen blender are of numerous brands, sizes and with varying functions.

When buying blenders, people usually look out for the best and strong kitchen blender that can last long and also withstand different electricity voltage.

In this blog post, we will be reviewing price of best blenders in Nigeria.

Best Kitchen Blenders in Nigeria

There are certain things people look out for when buying kitchen blender.

These are some factors that quality some blenders as the best buy.

Speed of Performance

The speed at which blenders grind and process edibles filled in them is very important to users. People look out for blenders that performs at very high speed thereby getting its blending done with fewer mins.

The Blades

The blades of blenders are some of what qualifies a blender to be ranked as one of the best. Some users use their kitchen blenders for very hard edibles grinding.

This is made possible when the blade of the blender is not only sharp but also strong too.

The Size of Blender

To many blender users in Nigeria, the size of the blender matter. The bigger the container of the blender, the best as many users posits.

One time blend and grind of your edibles is usually preferred and this is made possible through use of blenders with big container.

Resistance to Electricity Voltage Fluctuations

Some blenders that are not rugged and manufactured to withstand fluctuations of electricity voltage is likely to encounter electrical faults.

This is owing to regular use of power generators and fluctuations of electricity in Nigeria.

Hence one of the qualities of determining best blenders in Nigeria are those that can resist minor electrical faults that can be brought about by electricity fluctuations.

Control Mechanism & Noise

This another feature of best kitchen blenders in Nigeria. The control of blender is very important to the usage of the machine.

This is because of the fact that sometimes, user may want to blend or grind for very little and this can be made possible with use of control.

Also, people now looking out for noise free blenders or blenders with minimal noise during operation. These are some of the characteristics of best kitchen blenders.

Cost of Best Blenders in Nigeria

Here is the list of best kitchen blenders in Nigeria and their estimate prices.

The prices of these strong blenders is likely to differ slightly owing to certain factors such as location and dealership etc.

Qasa Blender – N9,500 – N13,000

The Qasa blender is considered among the best and top performing blenders in Nigeria market.

It part of Qlink blenders which is rugged and long lasting blender with grinder.

It comes in different sizes and is renowned for its fast grind and with minimal noise.

The Qasa blender is powered by pure copper motor with 4 Speeds, a tank, Stainless Steel Blades, multifunctional grinder and non-slip Base.

This blender is very portable so it won’t take up much space in your kitchen during and after usage too.

Binatone Blender – N13, 000 – N18,000

Binatone kitchen blender are rated amongst Nigeria’s best blenders with very sharp blades.

Binatone blenders comes in different sizes and designs too.

This blender is capable of blending and grinding large quantities of fruits and vegetables in a seamlessly.

The price estimate of the Binatone blenders starts from N13,000. It also comes in different sizes and the size would most definitely influence it’s price. It one of the most effective kitchen blenders in Nigeria.

Panasonic Blender – N15,000 – N32,000

Panasonic blenders are another blenders of top quality and performance.

It comes with very sharp and strong blades capable of grinding the most hard edibles flawlessly. It comes in either white or black base with transparent container which makes visibility of the grind possible.

Saisho Blender – N11,000 – N13,000

Saisho blender is ranked as one of the Nigeria’s best blenders with good and cheap price too.

It has speed control buttons which leaves the user to determine the state of grind needed.The blender is also bundled with a circuit breaker that would prevent a burn out of the motor at undesirable operational conditions.

Its control buttons are easy to learn and will help you have absolute control over the blending process.

Master Chef Blender – N9,000 – N10,500

The master chef blender remain one of the best Kitchen benders available in Nigeria. The blender is renowned for its cheap price and good performance.

It is one of the cheapest kitchen blenders in Nigeria. The price of this blender does not take away anything from its performance. Its control buttons is very simple to handle and can be likened to fan control.

Master chef blender blades are very sharp too and can be used to effect grind of fruits and smoothies.

Kenwood Blender – N18,000 – N35,000

The Kenwood Blender has a portable design that makes it fit on your kitchen counter easily.

Kenwood Kitchen benders is featured with a tank, speed level control and powered by a multi-speed motor with a drive mechanism, pulse function, and a built-in circuit breaker.

The Kenwood Blender features a removable filler cap with oil drip feed to make it easy for you to slowly add ingredients to mayonnaise and dips without stopping the machine.

This blending machine is one of the best blending machine you can find in Nigeria.

Ambiano Blender – N35,000 – N47,000

Ambiano blender is combination of performance, aesthetics and technology.

The blender has numerous control buttons used to effect different functions while using the blender.

This is one of the top performing kitchen bender which can be used to grind beans, corn and other hard edibles.

Akai Heavy Duty Blender – N18,000 – N25,000

Akai blender is another quality blender in that can be used to grind beans, plantain and other edibles of hard state.

It is very strong and rugged which makes it suitable for use in areas with electricity fluctuations.

The Akai  heavy duty blender is equipped with stainless steel blades and powerful 100% copper motor engine for crushing beans and other related items as well as fruits & vegetables. It is one of the most used blenders in Nigeria.

Century Heavy Duty blender – N19,000 – N25,000

One of the best blenders in Nigeria market is the Century electric blender.

It is one of the long lasting blenders which is within price range of N20,000. It can be used to crush and blend fruits, veges and other hard food items such as beans, corn etc.


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