Best Laptops to Buy in Nigeria (2023)

Best Laptops in Nigeria

Nigeria tech market is filled with many laptops brands.

Dell laptop

However, only very few laptops has stood out to win the heart of many Nigerian PC users.

Best laptops in Nigeria are those laptops that are easily used in Nigeria environment and adapts to Nigeria factors.

Some laptops considered best buys in Nigeria among other aesthetic and specifications must have high battery capacity.

Also these best laptops in Nigeria must not be affected by incessant change in power voltage and other environmental hardzards witnessed in Nigeria.

Buying a laptop in Nigeria can be very tricky as well as challenging.

This is because of the culture among some tech seller who are always in the habit of trying to rip off novice buyers.

Numerous laptops brands can be found in Nigeria, however only very few has become so acceptable in Nigeria as best laptops because of their good qualities and abilities serve users despite some environmental hitches like constant power outage.

In this article, we will be discussing the best laptops brands to buy in Nigeria.

These are strong quality laptops to buy in Nigeria currently.

List of Best Laptops in Nigeria

Which Laptops is the Best to Buy in Nigeria. This is a question those seeking to buy new laptops always wants to get answers for.

This is especially when they are new users. We have come up with five (5) Laptop brands that we consider the best laptops to buy and use in Nigeria.

Some of the laptops in this list of best laptops to buy in Nigeria are among the most expensive laptops in Nigeria.

However, their quality and ruggedness equallys their prices. Below are the best laptops brands in Nigeria.


Dell has maintained its ranking among the best laptops in Nigeria that  is strong and cheap one can buy.

Dell which was founded in 1984 by Micheal Dell is one of the most popular and used laptops in Nigeria.

Dell laptops comes with strong and high quality battery specifications.

Dell laptops has never been the best when it comes to design and aesthetics, however the laptop has specification and features that makes it irresistible by Nigerians.

Dell laptops are durable and rugged. It’s parts are also easily available in Nigeria for fix in events of damage. It is one of the best laptops in Nigeria.


Apple laptops are among the most expensive laptops in Nigeria. The quality of Apple laptops is not in doubt.

Apple laptops are high end quality laptops. They come in a very sleek and attractive designs and aesthetics is one of core features of apple laptops.

Apart from aesthetics, Apple laptops are very strong and durable.

Its processor is very good and makes it a laptop that is very fast in processing commands.


Lenovo is fast becoming Nigerians favorite laptop. This because of Lenovo laptops specifications.

Lenovo is a Chinese laptop and has operated for over 30 years. This laptop brand used to be known as Legend until 2003 when it changed name to Lenovo.

Lenovo laptops has long lasting battery which is one of the major feature that laptop users in Nigeria consider when buying one.

Lenovo is a good quality laptop to buy in Nigeria.


The list of best laptops in Nigeria cannot be complete without the mention of HP laptops.

HP laptops is the most widely used laptops in Nigeria for numerous positive specifications.

This is a product of two graduates of Stanford University, William Hewlett and David Packard.

This is probably the most popular and used laptop in Nigeria. HP laptops are very efficient and effective.

HP laptops battery is very strong and durable. It is also one of cheapest laptops to buy in Nigeria.


Asus laptops are not very popular in Nigeria. However, buying Asus laptop can be considered a good buy in Nigeria. Asus is also called Asutek Corporation limited.

It is a laptop from Taiwan tech makers. Asus laptops are closely compared to HP both in design and specifications.

Asus laptops are rated among the best laptops in Nigeria. The laptop has sleek designs and is durable.

Conclusion on Best Laptops in Nigeria

Some laptops not mentioned in this post does not necessarily mean that they are not of good quality.

There some top and good quality that can be found in Nigeria markets like Toshiba, Samsung.

However those mentioned in this lists are considered best laptop buys in Nigeria and have won users confidence.

Above all, buying a brand new laptop is highly recommended when buying a laptop in Nigeria.

Buying of already used Laptops in Nigeria does not always end well and produce desired results.


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