Best LED Energy Saver Bulbs in Nigeria

Energy saving bulbs are gradually taking over homes and offices, replacing the old energy bulbs.

Energy bulbs are very indispensable, important and highly used electrical appliance both at home and offices.

They are major appliance that brighten our homes and offices especially at night.

The the technological invention of energy saver bulbs,has seen a gradual drop in the use old energy bulbs which very high in energy consumption and emission of greenhouse.

Also, these old energy bulbs have very short lifespan which another major advantage of energy saver bulbs over the ordinary energy bulbs.

The introduction and invention of energy saver bulbs has seen tremendous improvement and performance in energy bulbs.

These energy saving bulbs have become less in energy consumption while producing the best of shines and performance.

This is why LED energy saver bulbs have taken over the Nigerian markets with each brands of energy saver bulbs strivings to control the Nigeria energy bulbs market.

Also known as energy efficient light bulbs, LED energy saver bulbs are of two major types:

  • Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL)
  • Light Emitting Diode (LED)

The CFLs are a more powerful and top performing light-bulb version of the familiar fluorescents light strips.

They are fitted into lamp holder. These type of energy saver bulbs come in a range of shapes and sizes, and give off a similar lighting effect to regular incandescent bulbs.

LEDs are very small sized bulbs that works through the movement of electrons.

This advanced technology replaces the filament inside a regular incandescent bulb – which explains why LEDs last longer (no filament to burn out) and are less bulky (no filament to house).

The Best Energy Saver Bulbs in Nigeria

There are numerous brands of LED energy saving bulbs which are available in Nigeria markets.

Through survey, we bring in this post, a review of the best energy saving bulbs in Nigeria.

These are the brightest and long lasting energy saver bulbs in Nigeria.

AKT Energy Saving Bulb

AKT is the best and most popular energy saving bulbs in Nigeria.

AKT LED bulbs are very bright and less in emission of greenhouse.

They come in different watts ranging like 8 watts, 11 Watts etc. It is equally long lasting LED bulbs that saves much energy.

There are numerous sizes of AKT energy saving bulbs which is of different prices too.

Ecomin Energy Saving Bulb

Ecomin LED energy saver bulbs is another top quality energy saving bulb that is ranked among the best energy saving bulbs in Nigeria.

Ecomin LED bulbs comes in different watts and designs. It has 11 Watts,10 watts and 15 watts variants.

It is one of the cheapest energy saver bulbs in Nigeria that last long.

It is also one of the oldest LED energy saving bulbs in Nigeria.

The price of this energy saving bulb in Nigeria is determined by its watts.

Osram Energy Saving Bulb

Osram LED energy saving bulbs are among Nigeria’s best energy saving bulbs.

Osram is into manufacture of different types of LED energy saving bulbs.

They also produce LED lamp for vehicles, motorbikes and professional LED lamps.

HiTech Energy Saving Bulb

This another top quality and long lasting LED bulb in Nigeria. It equally comes in different Watts and designs.

It one of the easily available energy saving bulbs in Nigeria.

Philips Energy Saver Bulbs

You can also choose Philips energy saving bulbs as we also consider them as one of the best energy saving bulbs in Nigeria.

It is numerous bulb designs and capacity too. It is one of the best energy saving bulbs in Nigeria that is foreign made or produced.

Before the invention of energy saving bulbs, Philips is into heavy manufacturing of electricity bulbs.

Currently they are one of the biggest energy saving bulbs in Nigeria.


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