Best Liquid Bathing Soaps for Fair Skin in Nigeria

This article will seek to review the best best bathing liquid soaps suitable for fair skin in Nigeria.

Liquid shower gel listed in this article is also safe and suitable for all skin as well.

The use of liquid or gel soap for bathing is currently on increase in Nigeria.

For those with light or fair skin, it is very important that use of liquid soaps should be done with care as result of fast reactions and easily detectable skin reactions that is often associated with fair skinned people.

While there are many and numerous liquid and gel soaps in Nigeria markets, not all is safe and good for skin especially for those with fair skin.

The best liquid gel soaps for bathing are those that contains natural, mixtures,ingredients and nutrients devoid of harming or causing skin reactions.

We took out time to review top liquid gel soaps in Nigeria in a bid to ascertain Nigeria’s best liquid gel shower soaps especially for fair skinned people.

This is important as those who wants to buy liquid soaps must make sure that only safe and healthy liquid gel soaps that enriches the skin in Nigeria should be considered.

Read on to discover our picks on the best liquid gel soaps for bathing in Nigeria.

These are among the best shower gels in Nigeria currently.

Best Bathing Liquid Soaps in Nigeria

Here is the list of top best liquid bathing soaps in Nigeria that’s is good for fair and light skin. Below is the liquid soaps for showers in Nigeria.

QEI Paris 100% Skin Lightening Shower Cream with Carrot Oil

QEI Paris 100% Skin Lightening Shower Cream with Carrot Oil is one of Nigeria’s best liquid soaps for bathing.

This shower liquid soap is an effective skin-lightening shower gel that is suitable for for all skin types such as oily, normal or dry.

This shower liquid gel soap has a base of Carotene and other natural mixtures which help to preserve and moisturize the skin.

The bathing liquid soap is as well rich in vitamins like A, E, and C which is essential for skin growth, repairs and reconditions.

It is one of the good liquid bathing soaps for people with fair skin in Nigeria.

The shower gel has mixture of carrot extracts which is all geared towards provision of perfect skins performance and growth.

It one of the best recommended bathing liquid soap.

Fair & White Brightening Shower Gel

The Fair & White Brightening Gel is regarded as one of the best liquid soaps for fair skin people in Nigeria.

The bathing soap comes in liquid form with pleasant aroma and scent.

Glycerin which is one of the major contents of the gel soap produces emollient that pulls water from the deeper layers of your skin to the surface and traps it there so your skin doesn’t become so dry and hard.

Other components of the liquid soaps includes Pomegranate and Lemon extracts which helps moderate skin growth and reaction.

It is a good liquid soap for people with chocolate and fair skin. It comes in a big size of about 1000 ml of shower gel which can last longer periods if used judiciously.

With consistent use of this shower gel, your skin will be smoother and have a glowing feel.

Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash with Shea Butter

Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash is considered among best shower gel that is suitable for fair skin in Nigeria.

The skin improvement liquid soap is one of the cheapest good quality liquid soaps for body showers in Nigeria.

Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash with Shea Butter helps keep the skin soft and glowing when used consistently.

The liquid shower gel contains mixture of Shea butter which improves the skin and leaves the skin in perfect conditions.

The liquid soap is a good shower gel to buy and use in Nigeria.

Lux Soft Touch Body Wash

Lux Soft Touch Body Wash is one of the most popular Liquid bathing soaps and shower gels in Nigeria that maintains fair and chocolate skin.

This liquid body wash is formulated with Floral FusionTM Oil which produces pleasant scent that can likely last all day long.

Other contents of this top quality bathing liquid soap includes Silk Essence and Rosewater which effectively moisturizes the skin and makes users body soft and cool.

Lux Soft Touch Body Wash is liquid soap in Nigeria that is perfect for dry skin.

Extract Luxury 24k Gold Shower Gel

Extract Luxury 24k Gold Shower Gel is a good liquid soap for bathing that is great for people with fair and chocolate skin.

It is a top quality shower gel that makes the skin fair and chocolate when used consistently.

It contains vitamins that nourish the skin and leaves your skin glowing and young too.

This shower gel is made from natural ingredients. It has a rose fragrance and a gold-ish colour.

The shower gel is specially formulated using the highest quality of ingredients and guarantees results after use.

Upon consistent use of the 24k Gold Shower Gel, your skin will be left tender and soft.

Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash

This liquid soap is also among best rated shower liquid soaps in Nigeria that is made for people with fair skin and chocolate skin.

The shower gel is made with Nutrium moisture technology to infuse moisture into deeper layers of the skin.

It has numerous natural contents which keeps the skin healthy and tender too.

The liquid body wash helps bring out the best of your skin colours and do not react to skin or change skin colours.

It is one of the best shower gels that can be used to control dry skin and it also offer the best body wash experience.

Pure Egyptian Magic Shower Gel

The Pure Egyptian Magic Shower Gel is a foreign liquid soap that is highly used in Nigeria.

The liquid shower soap is an effective whitening bathing soap.

The liquid soap contains certin fruits mixtures like tomato extract, glutathione+, ascorbic acid.

This combination helps to remove dark and unpleasant spots on the skin.

Hence it is best liquid shower soap that removes drak spots on the knee, elbow, thigh and other dark areas.

Pure Magic shower gel is made up of collagen which helps perfects the skin conditions.

It is a good liquid body wash in Nigeria that is healthy and fit for fair skin.

It can also help to keep skin blemishes such as pimples, marks, black spots and freckles in check.

Clearasil Oil-Control / Anti- Tanning Shower Gel

The Clearasil Oil control is a shower gel that is suitable for every skin type.

For those with oil skin, this liquid soap is a good shower gel that can contain oil skin.

One of the major contents of Clearasil Shower gel is Lavender leaf extract which produces great fragrance.

The liquid soap also contains numerous vitamins which nourishes and heal the skin. With consistent use, Clearasil o

Oil-Control / Anti- tanning shower gel will help your skin look brighter and feel tender as well.

The Clearasil oil control is also an anti- tanning gel that brightens dark areas of the skin and leaves your skin blemish and tan-free.

Idole Shower Gel

The Idole shower gel is another healthy showers gel in Nigeria that can be helpful to skin growth and maintenance.

It is a liquid soap in Nigeria that brightens the skin moderately.

Idole shower gel can be used by people of different skin colours without reactions or change in skin colours.

It also provided effective and efficient body wash that keeps the skin fresh and glowing.

Idole shower gel is a liquid soap that provides good and pleasant fragnace and scent too. It is among the cheapest and good liquid body wash.


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