Best Men’s Shoes for Wedding Suits

This article will aim to provide you with best wedding shoes that can be used and paired alongside wedding suits.

Across most parts of the world like Nigeria, the use of suits and shoes for wedding ceremony by grooms is traditional.

Oftentimes, grooms have hard time selected the best and most suitable wedding shoes that fits with suits.

This is not surprising as every groom wants to look good and their best on their wedding day.

Wedding shoes are so special as they can add to the general look of the groom.

This is why it is imperative that only the appropriate shoes for weddings are used on the big day.

Generally, some shoes are best fit for suits and wedding suits.

While we acknowledge that it is not out of place to use coperate shoes on suits, we had to come up with the footwear that is best for groom’s wedding.

So, in this post, we will make a review of the best shoes for weddings suits and attire.

These are best shoes that can match wedding suits.

Best Men’s Wedding Shoes

Here are some of our best picks of shoes that can be most suitably worn with suits in wedding ceremony or event.

Below are some top men’s wedding shoes that can be paired with wedding suits.

Oxford Shoes

Men’s Oxford shoes is one of the best shoes for wedding that can be used by the groom.

Oxford shoes are perfect fit for suits and can serve as good wedding shoe to buy.

Oxford shoes are elegant dress shoe that features a closed lacing system concealed within the upper part of the shoe.

Oxford shoes is mostly worn by men, despite the fact that there is handful varieties of Oxford women shoes currently.

Oxford shoes comes in different brands, design and colours.

No matter the colour and brand, Oxford shoes is one of the most appropriate men’s wedding shoes that a groom should consider when picking wedding shoes. To see samples of men’s Oxford shoes click here.

Monk Strap Shoes

Monk Strap shoes is another type of men’s coperate shoes that can serve as a perfect wedding shoes for men.

Monk strap shoes is of various brands, design and colours too.

Monk strap shoes can come in either single or double strap which is the signature of the shoe type.

Monk strap shoes is one of the easily fitting shoes that can give wedding suits the best overall outlook.

Monk strap shoes is one of the best recommended wedding shoes for men in Nigeria. To have a preview of samples of monk strap shoes click here.

Loafer Men’s Shoes

Loafer is one of the most widely men’s shoes that can be used with wedding suits.

Loafers shoes is a type of shoe that is easily slipped on and off the foot without any laces to worry about.

Loafers men’s shoes comes in different types,brands, colours and designs too.

It is important that we make specification about using loafer shoes for wedding because of the various types of loafers men’s shoes.

The best men’s loafer shoes for wedding is the leather loafers shoes with high sole.

This is because there are numerous loafer shoes with flat sole.

So, if you plan on using loafer shoes for wedding, it must come with high sole and preferably a leather skin too. If you want to have a preview of samples of Loafers shoes, you click here.

Customised Loafers

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to customise loafer shoes and use them for the big day.

For grooms with personality and identity, you can order for a customised loafer shoes and adorn it with your wedding suit to give the best of day dress sense.

This is also another best shoe ideas for weddings that will blend with groom’s wedding suits.


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