Best Microwave Oven & Price in Nigeria (2024)

Microwave oven is a very important home appliance in Nigeria. This article will review the prices,costs of best microwaves in Nigeria.

Best Microwave Oven in Nigeria

It is very important kitchen equipment that can be used to cook or heat food through use of radiation in electro magnetic spectrum.

The good thing about microwave oven is that it cooks or warms the food fast without the food loosing it’s nutrients.

Microwave oven is also very useful in offices and are used to warm edibles especially foods fast.

There are many microwave oven brands in Nigeria and finding or choosing the best microwave in Nigeria is not always easy.

This is why we are doing this post to bring to our readers the prices of best microwave ovens in Nigeria.

Some of the best microwave ovens in Nigeria are microwave oven that are power efficient and warms or cooks food fast.

The good and best microwave oven are programmed to help warm or cooking meals, deserts at the right heat level.

Below is the prices and cost of best microwave ovens in Nigeria. These are also some of the best quality microwaves in Nigeria.

Cost & Prices of Best Microwave in Nigeria

Some of the criteria used in determining and coming up with the best microwave oven in Nigeria are microwave that are less power consuming, microwaves that are fast and quick cooker and microwaves with right heat level required for various meals.

Just like smartphone, microwave ovens comes in different grades and functions.

Some of the best microwave currently are regarded as smart microwave with Inverters and bigger liters.

This type of microwave are much more expensive than the manual microwave.

Below is the list of good quality microwave in Nigeria and their prices.

Hisense Microwave Price in Nigeria

One of the best microwaves to buy in Nigeria is Hisense microwave.

Hisense microwave is a good microwave option for defrosting, reheating and heating your meals.

They mostly come with smart led from which functions can be queued into for effective and efficient use of the microwave.

The cost of 20L Hisense microwave in Nigeria starts from N30,000 to N34,000, while the price of 36 liters Hisense microwave in Nigeria is N64,000.

Nexus Microwave Price in Nigeria

Another good quality microwave oven in Nigeria that is considered one of the best is Nexus microwave.

Nexus microwave are very easy to operate and cooks very fast.

They come with Multifunctions which can be set up using its led screen.

Nexus microwave come mostly in 20 liters and cost between N35,000 to N37,000 in Nigeria.

LG Microwave Price in Nigeria

LG microwave oven is one of the best microwaves to buy in Nigeria.

The microwave is very effective and power saving.

They also comes in different liters and multifunction.

The price of LG microwave is largely determined by its liters and functions.

It is also one of the best smart microwave to get in Nigeria.

The cost of 25 liters smart LG microwave is around N75,000.

This is as 20 liters LG microwave cost between N45,000 to N48,000.

The price of 42 liters LG microwave is on average of N80,000.

Haier Thermocool Microwave Price in Nigeria

Haier Thermocool microwave is very much available in Nigeria market.

They come in different sizes and prices. The larger the size / litre the bigger the price.

Haier Thermocool microwave are very effective and easy to operate.

It is also a good microwave with less power consumption.

The price of Haier Thermocool microwave is on average of N40,000 for 20 liters capacity.

This price of Thermocool microwave can vary slightly depending on the shop and location in Nigeria.


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