Best Milk Brands in Nigeria

Picking out the best milk brand in Nigeria could be tasky as result of numerous milk brands available in market in Nigeria.

Milk is very popular food in Nigeria which is an emulsion of fat and protein in water, along with dissolved sugar (carbohydrate), minerals, and vitamins.

Milks are used or combined in preparation of many meals in Nigeria. This is one of the reasons why milk consumption in Nigeria is very high.

As result of high intake of milk and it’s essential nutrients for body optimum performance it is important to consider best quality milks in Nigeria when shopping for Nigeria’s best milks brands.

There are many milk brands in Nigeria which includes both Imported milk and locally manufactured milks in Nigeria.

Many experts in Nigeria are canvassing for government subsidy on milk as result of the nutritional value of milk and it’s importance in health improvement.

The quality and nutritional contents of different brands of milk available in Nigeria market are not same.

Some milk brands are considered of top quality with more nutritional contents than others. This article will review top milk brands in Nigeria that is highly nutritious and satisfying too.

Top & Best Milks in Nigeria

Here is comprehensive review of best milks in Nigeria. These are list of milks in Nigeria with good quality and awesome tastes.

Hollandia Milk

Hollandia milk is easily one of the leading and best milk brands in Nigeria. Hollandia milk comes in both evap and full cream with unique tastes and nutritional contents.

It has earned its place among the elite milk brands for several reasons. Aside from being low in cholesterol, Hollandia milk is very satisfying and filling.

It is a milk products in Nigeria that is known to be very healthy and caters to the nutrient needs irrespective of age bracket.

Hollandia milk is a product from the House of Chi, a renowned makers of beverages and edibles. Hollandia milk can be used by both adults and children as it contains among other nutrients,calcium.

It is equally low in cholesterol and can be used with tea, coffee, cereals. Hollandia milk is one of the best liquid milks in Nigeria. It is equally one of the most sweet milks in Nigeria.

Peak Milk

Peak Milk is arguably the most popular milk brand in Nigeria. It is equally one of the best milk brands in Nigeria. This milk brand has been around for over 14 decades.

Peak milk is highly nutritious and has a very high acceptance rate in Nigeria.
Peak Milk has a wide range of products on the market and is easily one of the best liquid milks in Nigeria.

Each product from this brand contains the essential nutrients the body needs, including protein, vitamins, and calcium.

Peak milk comes in formula, powdered of varying sizes. Peak milk comes in different forms which includes: Peak Evaporated milk, Peak Sweetened Condensed Milk, Peak Milk Powder,Peak UHT Milk.

Peak milk is not only one of the Nigeria’s best milk brands but is one of the most available milk brands in Nigeria.

Cowbell Milk

Also on the list of best milk brands in Nigeria is Cowbell milk. This milk brand is products from the Promasidor Brand.

This is second most popular milk brands in Nigeria and can easily be said to be behind peak in terms of popularity in Nigeria.

Cowbell milk is rich in nutrients, vitamins and comes in varying sizes which gives users of different classes opportunity to enjoy the rich nutritional values of cowbell.

According to Cowbell milk company, the milk brand contains body required nutrients and following vitamins: A, C, D, E, and K. It also contains phosphorus, calcium, and a rich amount of protein.

Loya Milk

Loya Milk is another milk product from Promasidor which is considered best milk in Nigeria. It is a full-cream milk powder that contains the essential nutrients, including vitamins and minerals that the body needs.

Loya milk comes only in powdered form and packaged in different sizes. Loya milk is rich in multivitamins such as A, C, D, E and K. This milk is one of the best and cheap milks in Nigeria.

Three Crowns Milk

Three Crowns Milk is Nigeria’s leading milk brand which is regarded as one of the best milk products in Nigeria. It is one of the oldest milk brands in Nigeria with reputation of being very tasty milk.

Three Crown is low in cholesterol and contains numerous vitamins and nutrients which is very good for body and healthy living. Three Crowns milk comes both in liquid and powdered forms and is easily available in across super markets, super stores, shopping malls.

End Note On Best Milk in Nigeria

The above milk brands in Nigeria is easily some of the best milks in Nigeria. However, there are other milks of very high quality and nutritional values in Nigeria markets which are not captured in this article.

Depending on nutritional value you look out for your milk, a lot of milk brand are available in Nigeria market and each has its nutritional contents which can influence your patronage.

So, you can always decided which milk is best in Nigeria based on your milk nutrients needs.


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