Best Mobile Money Operators in Nigeria

Nigeria’s best mobile money companies will be reviewed in this article.

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Mobile money operators are financial technology (fintech) companies that facilitates online financial transactions.

They effect sending and receiving of money through use of phones, laptops and other smart accessories.

Also, they facilitate payments of bills and other financial transactions online.

These companies do this through creating a platform where individual users can have a mobile wallet or account from which they can send or receive money globally.

The push for cashless economy in Nigeria has emboldened mobile money operators in Nigeria.

Majority of young Nigerians now have an account with one or more fintech mobile money service providers.

These companies has complimented Nigerian commercial bank in the drive for e- banking, financial inclusion and cashless economy.

The seamless and swift operations of these mobile money companies in Nigeria has made them a very formidable alternative to commercial banks in Nigeria.

Despite the huge success recorded in the fintech terrain in Nigeria especially among mobile money service providers in Nigeria, many Nigerians still have reservations over credibility of these mobile money operators.

This may not be unconnected to lack of more of physical presence of these mobile money companies in Nigeria.

As majority of the fintech mobile money operators has their head office and only office at Lagos.

Nevertheless, trust and confidence has steadily increased in the activities of these mobile money operators in Nigeria as their activities are regulated and monitored by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

There are numerous mobile money operators in Nigeria with each competing to gain huge control of the online financial transactions space in Nigeria.

From our survey we were able to identify certain mobile money companies in Nigeria as the best in the pool of many.

Some of the major parameters used to ascertain the top mobile money companies in Nigeria is the swift of transactions, arrays of services and features, customers service and security.

List of Best Mobile Money Companies in Nigeria

Here is the list of the best mobile money companies in Nigeria with good security and service operations.

They are some of the most popular mobile money operators in Nigeria and they also can be used to receive money in Nigeria from abroad.


OPay service limited is one of the Nigeria’s most popular and used mobile money service in Nigeria.

The company is headquartered in Lagos and provide services such as receiving and transfer of funds and facilitating online payments in Nigeria.

It is easily one of the Nigeria’s best mobile money service providers in Nigeria.

OPay POS machine is one of the most efficient POS machines in Nigeria.


Palmpay is another fintech startup in Nigeria that engages in mobile money services.

It is one of the best online money firms in Nigeria. They are used to facilitate the reception and sending of funds both in Nigeria and internationally.

Apart from having a very secured platform for their financial activities and transactions, Palmpay POS machines are very good and reliable too.


Moniepoint is another renowned mobile money operator in Nigeria with reputation of efficient online payments processing.

The fintech is driving financial inclusion in Nigeria with aggressive sale and installation of Point of Sale (POS) in Nigeria.

Moniepoint is known for its swift online payments and transactions processing.


This is another top online payments processing company in Nigeria. PayForce is used by many Nigerians and is very fast in processing payments and online transactions.

PayForce is trusted by many in Nigeria as one of the safest fintech mobile money operators in Nigeria.


Kudi which is also recognised as Microfinance bank in Nigeria is another very popular mobile money operator in Nigeria that facilitates sending and receiving of money through mobile wallets in Nigeria.

Kudi is very fast, easy to use as well as safe too. It is one of the prominent fintech companies that took on drive for financial inclusion in Nigeria.

Kudi is one of the first mobile money operators in Nigeria that have built confidence among users.

This is one of the best online payments and processing company in Nigeria.


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