Top 10 Best Music Recording Studios in Lagos (2024)

Recording good music with quality sound and production can be achieved through use of good music studios.

Music recording studios in Lagos

The task of making good music in Lagos is greatly helped through visiting top music studios in Lagos.

It demands that the producer is expert and well versed in handling musical equipments and harnessing different music sounds.

In this article, we will review the best music studios in Lagos to record songs.

This post will provide answers to those seeking for best music production companies in Lagos, Nigeria.

Recording a good sound in a recording studio is affected by a lot of factors.

The quality of your sound or music depends on the equipments used, the amount charged, lower prices are always attributed to low-quality music most times.

Also, the quality is dependent on your lyrics and the organization of your content by producers.

Are you a professional, or you are just starting in the music industry, and you need to find out the top-rated music recording studios in Lagos? Then this article is for you.

The recording studios outlined in this article are selected according to their ratings and client reviews.

The following are the top-ranked  best music recording studio in Lagos, Nigeria:

Best Music Studios in Lagos

Below is the list of best music studios in Lagos to record afrobeat hip hop songs.

The Unknown Band Recording Studios, Lagos 

I highly recommend this music studio in Lagos because of its 5.0 rating and number of good reviews.

They offer variety of products and services which includes Masterclass in Sound Engineering, Basic tutoring on mixing and mastering techniques on different types of musical or sound projects, Recording, Mixing & Mastering, Recording Sessions that comes with Mixing and Mastering, Audio Engineering, Mixing & Mastering, Voice Overs, Jingles, Tv&Radio Commercials.

Address: Shop 205, 100% Mercy Plaza, 39 Camp Davies Rd, Ipaja 102213, Lagos.

TryTaped Recordings, Lagos Nigeria

TryTaped Recording is ranked in the top 5 best music production companies in Lagos. It is a highly equipped music production company managed by music production experts and professionals.

This music company in Lagos Nigeria is behind production of some of the Nigeria’s hit songs and tracks. They also engage in other sound productions such as jingles, voice-over and more.

It is good music production company in Lagos for both top music stars and upcoming music artists. Working with TryTaped Recordings will afford you opportunity to meet and mingle with best Nigeria music stars and entertainers.

At TryTaped Recordings, you would be open to working with some of the best music producers and instrumentalists in Nigeria.

TryTaped Recordings is highly rated music production company in Nigeria with world class music recording equipments and state of art facilities. They are easily one of the best music production companies in Lagos, Nigeria.

Address: Chevron Drive, Lekki Peninsula II, 106104, Eti-Osa, Lagos, Nigeria.

Mobile Contact: +2348059440264

Alvary Creatives Recording Studios, Lagos 

This one of three top music studios in Lagos with 5.0 rating.

It is a prominent recording studio which deals mostly with music recording, Podcast recording and production, Audio recording and production, Audio jingles production, Film production.

They also have good modern equipments.
Address:1 Faramobi Ajike St, Anthony 100001, Lagos.

AB Recording Studio,Lagos 

AB Recording Studjod9is one of the standard music recording studio in Lagos with 4.9 rating.

Their professional services are recording Studio sessions, Audio recording, mixing and mastering, vocal editing, beat making for music, and other purposes.

Address: 7 Akinola Street, Ikosi Road By Mr. Biggs Ketu Ikosi road Kosofe, Ikosi 100246, Lagos.

Kadosh Studios, Lagos 

Kadosh is a Lagos top music recording studio with 4.9 rating.

They engage in quality Music Production and Recording Audio/Video Space, Live Music & Sound (Events) film score, sound design (jingles) Pro-audio designing, acoustic engineering & soundproofing (churches, halls event centers).

They possess equipment and gears that provide the best music recording quality in lagos.

Address: Crown Court Estate 2, Orunbe Close, Oniru Estate, Victoria Island Lagos, 101241, Lekki.

Sound&Beats Studio, Lagos 

Sound&Beats music studio with 4.8 ratings is one of the best rated music studios in Lagos, Nigeria.

They are very adept when it comes to recording studio services, rehearsal studio, live video recording, music production.

They also offer premium quality at a little and affordable amount.

Address: Triangle Plaza, 40/42 Ago Palace Way, Oshodi-Isolo, Lagos.

Sambol Production, Lagos 

This is one of the best Lagos based top music recording studios in Nigeria with 4.7 ratings.

Sambol Production is a full-service recording and production studio.

Sambol Production has three fully-equipped studios, with a spacious tracking room, iso rooms, and a world-class blend of state of the art and vintage gear.

They offer recording, mixing, mastering, post-production, ISDN, transfers, mobile recording, live sound, video production, and even small-scale cd-manufacturing with print.

Address: Local Government Council, 154, Awolowo Way Ikeja, 100282, Lagos.

DJ Klem Studios,Lagos 

DJ Kelm Studio is rated 4.7 and this gives her an edge as one of the good studio for music recording in Lagos.

DJ Klem Studios is a professional music production company headed by Clement “DJ Klem” Kponu – a seasoned producer with production credits for Wizkid, Yemi Alade, Mo’cheddah, Phenom, and more.

Their services cover the music, advertising, and film industries.”

Address: Local Government Council, 154, Awolowo Way Ikeja, 100282, Lagos.

Freaksonar, Lagos

Freaksonar holds a google rating of 4.5. FreakSonar is a professional online and offline music recording studio located in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

They are renowned and noted to have worked with many notable names in the African Music industry and have had their tracks on air on MTV, Trace, Sound City, etc.

They offer customers top-notch music-making services such as Professional Beat, Production Professional Sound Engineering, Mixing and Mastering services, Live Audio Recording or Tracking Sessions, Music Promotion Advice, Music Making Tutorials.

Address: Greenfield Estate, No 42 Emeka Nzom Street, Ago Palace Way, Oshodi-Isolo 100263, Lagos.

DreamOut Recording Studios, Lagos 

DreamOut Recording Studios is a full–service, digital-based professional recording studio based in Lagos, Nigeria.

They specialize in high quality recording, editing, mixing, mastering, singles and album production, sound restoration and repairing, corporate jingles, songwriting and composition, movie soundtrack, audio and music production training, and other music-related services for individuals, upcoming artists, established musicians, music producers, corporations, media organizations, advertising agencies, etc.

Address: 41, Ikosi Road, Ikosi Lagos.

A1 Recording Studios, Lagos 

A1 recording studio is one of the best rated music studios in Lagos with 4.0 rating.

They offers you the best audio recording services which include: Audio music album recording, Singletrack recording, Demo and master audio recording, Audio jingles and voice-overs recording, Instrumental programming, Audio editing and music directing, Mix-tape recording, Audio mixing, and re-mixing.

They are also into Audio mastering and remastering, Music production school, Music production lessons, Recording studio installations, Recording studio setup, Sound engineering school, Sound engineering lessons.

Address: 55, 24 Allen Ave, Ikeja 101233, Lagos.


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  1. hello im Daniel from kenya id like to record in your studio what should i do?

    1. Am Julius an upcoming a song writer
      I have 5 or more songs with good sound which I recorded with my phone but lack of fund to put it in proper studio recording
      I need a record label or a music recording studio that will charge 20k to record a track for me.thank you

      1. The record labels listed here would charge you more,look for cheaper recording studios

  2. sirs please i have my sound tracks ready – please is there something y’ can do to publish my album???

    1. Look out for music blogs,am sure they can help

    2. I need a good studio and a good lesson of music training

  3. Osuala Jacob chinedu

    I am Emil by song and raps. I need a studio within Lagos I can attend too and so my music careers. Thanks

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