Best Nigerian Restaurants in London

Nigerians living abroad has had to contend with the challenge of finding restaurants where African foods and specifically Nigerian foods are served.

London, the capital of England has many Nigerians residents from international students,to diplomats, businessmen and working Immigrants.

This is perhaps why it is easy to find Nigerian foods in London. Nigerians foods are very unique globally and most times requires the cooking skills of Nigerian chef too.

It is not easy to source for Nigerian cooking ingredients abroad. Hence,you found many Nigerians travellers with loads of Nigerian foods stuff enroute their abroad destinations.

Many Nigerians has taken up on this gap and opportunity to operate Nigerian restaurants across major world cities especially places such as London with high population of Nigerians.

This article is out to review Nigeria’s top restaurants in London where Nigerian local foods are served in London, England.

List of Nigerian Restaurants in London, England

For Nigerians who are moving to London or just moved to London, you can look out for these London Nigeria restaurants and get the best of your Nigeria local foods such as jellof rice, eba, egusi soup, peeper soups, moi moi, Ewedu soup etc.

Also, some of the restaurants operated by Nigerians in London can prepare some of these foods on demand for your personal take away.

So, read on to find the best restaurants in London where you can find Nigerian meals at affordable rate.

These are Nigerian restaurants in London where you can find Igbo foods, Yoruba foods and foods from other parts of Nigeria.

The good thing about visiting Nigerians restaurant is that it serves as a meeting place for people from Nigeria.

It is easier to find someone from Nigeria and make friends in these restaurants. Here are Nigeria restaurants in London where Nigerian foods are served at good prices.

Eko wine & Bar Restaurant

This is one of the Nigeria’s best restaurants in London city where you can get local delicacies at good prices too.

Apart from sales of Nigerian foods, Eko engages in sale of wines, deserts and other meals of African origin.

There is provision for home and online delivery at this Nigerian restaurant.

Location: 160 Homerton High St, London E9 6JA, United Kingdom

Opening Hours: 12pm – 4pm

805 Restaurant

805 Restaurant is rated one of the best Nigerian restaurants in London, England. This restaurant is well known for serving tasty Nigerian meals such as soups, rice and other local Nigerian foods.

This restaurant has other branches across the city hence can be referred to as chain restaurant. 805 restaurant undertakes online booking and reservations too.

Their local meals are not so expensive and the restaurant has a very cool settings and interior facilities which makes it a good location for a date.

This is one of the best Nigerian restaurants in London you can try out.

Location: 24 Kendal Street, Connaught Square, London, W2 2AW

Opening Hours: 12pm – 11pm

K’s Spice

Also on our list of best restaurants in London where Nigerian foods are served is K’s Spice. K’s Spice restaurant not only serve Nigerian dishes but other African delicacies too.

Meals at this Nigerian restaurant cost between £5 to £12. Here you can find our favourite goat meat pepper soup and other Nigeria dishes. Their meal menu is studded with lots of delicacies.

Location: 13 Pier Rd, Erith DA8 1TA, UK

Opening Hours: 12pm – 9pm

Lolak Afrique

Another popular Nigerian restaurant in London is Lolak Afrique. This Nigerian restaurant has existed in London since 1996.

It has branches at the following locations: Peckham, Foresthill and Tulsehill. Lolak Afrique affords Nigerians living in London opportunity to enjoy their favourite Nigerian food in London.

Moreso, the restaurant provides all these Nigerian meals at good prices which gives every Nigerian in London opportunity to enjoy their favourite Nigeria meals.

Location: 184 Tulse Hill, London, SW2 3BU

Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm


From the name, it is easier for any Nigerian in London to think this restaurant must have a link to Nigeria’s popular Lagos neighborhood.

Ikoyi is one of the Nigeria’s best restaurants in London. They specialise in serving of local Nigerian dishes especially, Yoruba and Igbo foods as well as other Nigerian and African popular meals such as jellof rice, pepper soups etc.

Ikoyi has been a very popular restaurant for Nigerians and other Africans in London.

They have sustained an identity as best place to find best Nigerian meals. Ikoyi restaurant location is 180 Strand, London.

Presidential Suya

Another Nigerian restaurant in London is the Presidential Suya which is easily identifiable by the “Suya” attached to the name.

Here you can enjoy beef prepared in Nigeria way and also have taste of Nigeria local meal prepared with Nigeria imported cooking ingredients.

It is a highly recommended Nigerian restaurant located in London city.

Location: 160 – 164 Old Kent Road, London, SE1, United Kingdom

Opening Hours: 1pm – 12:30am

Enish Nigerian Restaurant

Enish Nigerian restaurant is a very popular and famous Nigerian restaurant in London. The restaurant has become chain restaurants as it now have branches across cities.

Enish is one of the best renowned Nigerian cafe and restaurant in London. They offer almost all popular Nigerians meals ranging from swallow, rice, beef etc.

Also, the location and the interior of Enish restaurant is so cool and fit for not just meals but relaxation too.

Location: 228 LewishAMHigh St, SE13 6JU

Opening Hours: 1pm – 12am

Mama Africa

Mama Africa is one of the best Nigerian restaurants in London especially around North-West London.

The restaurant offers traditional chargrilled and seafood dishes as well as firm Nigerian favourites.

Monday to Friday Mama Africa is open for evening meals and on the weekend it’s open all day including regular live music events.

This restaurant gives you a vibe of Nigeria feel through their native foods and other services such as Nigerian music.

Obalende Suya Express

If you love Suya and beef prepared in Nigerian way, then you need to head to Obalende Suya express.

This is a Nigerian restaurant situated in London where you can order for Nigerian meals and foods. Also, here, beef grilling in Nigeria way is carried out.

You can have tasty Suya in this restaurant including beef suya, chicken Suya and goat meat. In Peckham, Obalende Suya Express offers mouth-watering suya straight off the grill.

This is one of the our recommended must try Nigerian restaurants in London.


Chuku’s is one of the popular restaurants in London where you can get good Nigerian food. Chuku’s restaurant offer visitors opportunity to enjoy Nigerian meals in a typical Nigerian settings while enjoying Nigerian music.

Their menu is an all round Nigerian meals and deserts. Hot, cold, meat and vegetarian, tapas is perfect for those trying Nigerian food for the first time and this is the place to do it.

Location: 274 High Road, Tottenham, London N15 4RR


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