Best Non-Alcoholic Wines in Nigeria & Prices

This article is a review of the prices of best non-alcoholic wines in Nigeria.

Besides beer consumption, wines is another drink the is heavily patronised in Nigeria.

This may not be unconnected to tradition of heavy partying in Nigeria.

There are numerous wine brands in Nigeria both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, but our focus in this article will center on the price of best non alcoholic wines in Nigeria.

These are wines that is best for weddings, parties and gathering that doesn’t need alcoholic beverages.

Here is prices of different non alcoholic wines in Nigeria.

Best Tasty Non-Alcoholic Wines & Prices in Nigeria

This post will contain the carton price of best non-alcoholic wines in Nigeria.

This will serve as guide to those in major cities in Nigeria like Lagos and Port-Harcourt who might be asking where is the best places to buy cartons of non-alcoholic wines in Lagos? Or what is the price of carton of non alcoholic wines in Nigeria?.

Here is review of best non alcoholic wines in Nigeria and their prices.

Pure Heaven Carton Price: N15,000 – N17,500

This is one of the best tasty non-alcoholic wines in Nigeria. It comes in different flavours and colours too.

How many bottles of pure heaven wine is contained in one carton? The answer is simply 12.

Pure Heaven is a premium quality non-alcoholic sparkling grape wine made from juicy green grapes concentrates. This is a perfect alcoholic free wine in Nigeria.

Eva Wine Carton Price: N15,000 – N17,500

Eva wine is another Nigeria’s popular non alcoholic wines that is considered one of the best soft and fruits wines in Nigeria.

The sparkling grape wine was first produced in faraway Spain in the 90s.

It is very popular and highly consumed non alcoholic wine in Nigeria used for different kinds of events. Eva wine contains 12 bottles per carton.

Chamdor Carton Price: N20,000 – N24,000

Chamdor is another fruit and grape wine that is alcohol free and ranked amongst the best soft wines in Nigeria.

It is one of the most used sweet wines that is perfect for all events. A carton of chamdor wines is sold between N20,000 and N24,000.

J & W Wine Carton Price: N15,000 – N20,000

J & W wine is another non alcoholic wine in Nigeria that is cheap and of good quality.

J & W wine price is sold according to the flavours. It is a good soft wine that contains no alcohol. It is one of the perfect non-alcoholic wedding wines in Nigeria.

Toma Wine Carton Price : N17,000 – N18,500

Toma wine non alcoholic is majorly of two flavours: Toma Classic and Toma Premium. Towa non alcoholic wine is of top quality and is a perfect non alcoholic wine in Nigeria for guests of different events. Toma wine contains 12 bottles per carton.

Bosca Toselli Carton Price: N34,000 – N37,000

Bosca Toselli is one of the exotic non-alcoholic wines in Nigeria that is very tasty. It is made by one of the largest sparkling wine producers in Italy, called Bosca. The soft wine is very sweet, light and refreshing too.

Don Morris Wine Price : N19000 – N22,000

Don Morris is up the chart of Nigeria’s best non alcoholic wines perfect for occassion and events. A carton of Don Morris consists of 12 bottles which is sold between N19,000 to N22,000.

Rendezvouz Wine Price: N15,000 – N17,000

Rendezvouz is another best ranked Nigeria’s non alcoholic wine that is ideal for different of occasion such as weddings , funerals and birthday parties.

It’s fruity, smooth and best served when slightly chilled. Rendezvouz non alcoholic wine comes in different flavors such as blue, pink.

Festillant Wine Price: N23,000 – N25,000

Festillant is alcoholic free wine in Nigeria that’s is very good and tasty too. A carton of Festillant wine which consists of 12 bottles is sold between N23,000 – N25,000. It is non-alcoholic wine of top quality.

Macnelli’s Wine Price in Nigeria: N32,000 – N35,000

Macnelli’s is a premium non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice made from carefully selected grapes. This soft and sweet wine is alcoholic free and is very refreshing and tasty as well. It is a very presentable non-alcoholic wine to serve at parties in Nigeria and for varying occassions.


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