Best Office Chairs in Nigeria & Prices (2024)

This article will focus on the best office chairs to buy in Nigeria.

Prices of Best office chairs in Nigeria

Office chairs is one very important office equipment that demands attention when purchasing.

This is because these office chairs are not just for sitting purposes but they are task chairs.

The best office chairs are designed to provide comfort and support to its users in the office while carrying out office tasks.

There are many brands and types of office chairs in Nigeria.

However this post is set out to provide the best chairs for office work in Nigeria.

The best office chairs are those task chairs that can provide total comfort and support when in use especially for long hours.

They are also strong office chairs that can last for years without requiring after sale services.

The best office chairs comes with numerous and multiple options which can afford users different sitting adjustments.

The price and cost of office chairs in Nigeria is quite expensive just as obtain in most part of the world.

This is because most and best office chairs has adjustment options.

The more adjustment option an office chair has the more expensive it becomes.

They offer user and staff sitting preferences and good comfort too.

In this blog post, we will look at the best office chairs in Nigeria and prices of some mostly used office chairs in Nigeria.

Also to be part of this write up is the price of 3 in 1 steel office reception seats.

Best Office Chairs in Nigeria

Below is some best office chair brands to buy in Nigeria and how much they are sold.

Amazon Basics Office Chairs

Amazon Basics office chairs are some of the best and strongest office chairs in Nigeria.

They comes in different models and types. Some Amazon basics office chairs popular in Nigeria are Amazonbasic Mid-Black Mesh Chair, Amazonbasiscs classic leather office chair, Amazonbasics Executive office chair etc.

Aeron Office Chairs

Aeron office chair by Herman Miller is one of the best office chairs you can buy in Nigeria.

Aeron office chair offer full comfort and can be adjusted to suit preferred sitting position.

It is also long lasting office chair in Nigeria market.

Mirra Office Chair

Another top best office chair in Nigeria is the Mirra Office chair produced by Herman Millar.

It is also one of the most expensive office chairs to buy in Nigeria.

Mirra office chair comes in different types and build. It is a good office chair both in Nigeria and abroad.

Swivel Office Chair

Swivel office chairs in Nigeria is among the best office chairs sold in Nigeria.

It comes both in leather model as well as in Mesh type. It is a strong office chair that gives adequate comfort.

Steel 3 in1 Office Chair

Steel bench which usually comes in 3in1 model is one of the best office chairs especially for reception department.

It is one of the best office chairs that can be bought and used in Nigeria. It is usually called office waiting chairs.

Prices of Best Office Chairs in Nigeria

There is no specific price for most office chairs in Nigeria.

This is owing to factors such as class of seller, location and other logistics.

However, there is a price range in which every office chair falls into.

So, with a good budget, one can be able to buy good and best office chairs in Nigeria at good price rate.

The price of office chairs we will be discussing here covers different models for a particular brand of office chair.

  • Swivel Office Chairs – N20,000 – N175,000
  • Ergonomic Office Chairs – N32,000 – N205,000
  • Aeron Officer Chairs- N380,000 – N560,000
  • Millar Office Chairs – N208,000 – N450,000
  • 3 in 1 Steel Bench – N53,000 – N79,000
  • Amazonbasics Office Chair – N39,000 – N145,000
  • Emel Showbiz 309 Office Chair- N30,000 – N34,000

Things to Consider When Buying Office Chairs in Nigeria

There are certain factors to put into cognizance when buying office chairs in Nigeria. Some of these factors are

The Price:

When buying an office chair or chairs, budget must be looked at as it will determine the the model of a particular type of office chair to be purchased.


The best office chair to buy should be the ones that must withstand damage or pressure for a long time.

It must be strong office chairs that can afford office some time before planing on making next purchases or after sales services.


People spend more time at work than they do at home and as such staff must be given the best working implements and one of them is best office chairs.

Only office chairs capable of providing total comfort and support must be considered for procurement.


People are off different sizes and stature and sometimes have a more preferred posture or sitting position.

So office chairs capable of being readjusted to different heights, length and size should be considered to avoid discomforting staff as result of their body suture and preferred sitting position.

Also, office chairs should be easily moved around and used to carryout other office duties if need be.


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