Best Online Bills Payment Apps in Nigeria

Despite the rapid growing of fintech ecosystem in Nigeria and government’s efforts to promote smart and online banking in Nigeria, many Nigerians are not at home with payments of bills online through Apps.

Best online payment Apps in nigeria

Many people still prefer physical and manual payment of bills and financial transactions.

We cannot blame those in this group as the high growth and the sophisticated nature of cybercrimes in Nigeria is not something anyone can not look out for or ignore.

Nevertheless, technology especially in financial sector has come to stay and will continue to force many people in Nigeria to join the train.

Also,every now and then, government in Nigeria keeps making legislation that is aimed at making people embrace online payments and smart banking.

Currently,there is a limit to transactions that can be done on the floor of banking halls as some financial transactions has been restricted online.

This is why it is important that people must embrace the culture of making payments for bills through Apps in Nigeria.

Payment of bills using mobile Apps is one of the tech revelations of this century.

Currently people facilitates payments of bills from comfort of homes and offices.

Bills like electricity, water,cable TV , internet can be paid seamless and secure without visiting bank’s or offices.

This innovation has created so much jobs and has taken some pressure off the banking system in Nigeria.

In Nigeria today, both commercial banks and financial technology ( fintech) companies are in competition to provide the best and most reliable bills payment Apps and platforms that will suite the payment needs of Nigerians.

Whenever, people want to engage in online payment of bills using Apps, some of the factors they consider are:



Ease of Operation

Safety is the most important factor most Nigerians consider before using Apps for bills payment.

People do not want to have their hard earned money ripped off them online while trying to make payments smartly.

Nigerians from survey has never hidden their preference for mobile Apps that is fast whenever they have to make bill payments online.

Also, they love to have it simple and easy to operate. This is why mobile Apps that is easy to use and operate are ranked among the best bill payments Apps in Nigeria.

In this article, we will be making a review of the Nigeria’s best Apps for bills and online payments.

We considered numerous major Online payment Apps from fintech companies in Nigeria in a bid to ascertain best mobile payment Apps in Nigeria.

Also, we did conduct a survey of over 1500 Nigerians on their most preferred mobile Apps for bill payments in Nigeria before making this highly anticipated publication on the best Apps for bill payments in Nigeria.

Best Apps for Bill Payments in Nigeria

Below is the review of Nigeria’s best online bills payment applications and mobile platforms.

These are best Apps for bill payments in Nigeria 2023.

Quickteller App

Quickteller, a mobile application owned by renowned Nigeria’s fintech, Interswitch is ranked the best App for online bills payment in Nigeria.

Quickteller is very easy to use and provide numerous bill payments and other online payments options.

The application has reputation as one of the most secured Apps for bills payments in Nigeria.

This app gives users opportunity to pay for bills such as electricity, water, Internet, cable TV, tax and government levies and duties.

It is also suitable for online payments and money transfers.

JumiaPay App

JumiaPay App is owned by Nigeria’s renowned e-commerce firm, Jumia.

This online payments App is one of the most effective and trusted bills payment Apps in Nigeria.

JumiaPay App is fast and presents users with many online bills payment options such as payment for airline tickets, utility bills, government dues and bank transfer.

It is currently one of the most used Apps for payments in Nigeria.

OPay App

OPay App is rated one of the best Apps in Nigeria for bills and online payments.

The App is a product of Opera Group, which is an Africa-focused payment solution firm.

OPay App gives you seamless opportunity to make bills payment of all kinds while also sending money to loved ones across Nigeria.

It is very safe to use OPay app and perform transactions online as it is very secured to provide online banking as well.

KongaPay App

Like Jumia, Another e-commerce company that is doing great in providing financial inclusion through provision of reliable and effective online bills payment App in Nigeria is Konga with their KongaPay.

On KongaPay, you can make payments for cable TV, electricity, passport renewal fees and lot more. It is a good platform for making online payments in Nigeria.

Paga App

Paga is in the league of Nigeria’s best Apps for online and bills payments. It is one of the Nigeria’s oldest indigenous Apps for payments.

Paga is user friendly and easy to access. They also have a very robust customer service which helps give users efficient assistant and confidence to use and pay with Paga App.

Kudi App

Kudi is one of the most popular bills payment Apps in Nigeria.

Kudi is not just porpular but is reliable and fast online payment application in Nigeria.

It is one of the most used Apps in Nigeria for bill payments and more.

Paystack App

Paystack is renowned online bills payment application in Nigeria.

It is very efficient and effective too. It one of the best Apps for bill payments in Nigeria that you can trust.

Paystack app can be downloaded from Google play store.

Pay Paddi App

The Pay Paddi app is a multi payment app that enables users to pay bills,send money and make online purchases too.

Pay Paddi is an easy-to-use and very efficient app. The bill payment app provides the following bill payment services, data and airtime purchase, cable TV subscription and electricity bill payment.

It is quality app that is good and effective for sending money online and paying for bills.

Other Apps for Online Bill Payments in Nigeria

Other applications that has been confirmed to be reliable in making online payments of bills, purchase and money transfer includes:

NowNow App App


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