Best Phone Holder & Phone Stand Prices in Nigeria

This article is a review of the prices of phone holder and how much phone stand are sold in Nigeria.

Phone stand and phone holder have become popular and prevalent in Nigeria with the increased video communication culture.

It is also very essential for creation of video contents especially private and simpler video contents such as talk shows and exhibition of private life.

Often times, people use the two terms, Phone holder and phone stand interchangeably.

While both of them are device used for phone camera positioning, they are different in function and prices too.

If you are a potential video content creator, phone stand and phone holder is one of the essential equipments you must procure for effective video creation.

The interesting thing about prices of phone stand & phone holder in Nigeria is that they are not expensive.

They are considerably cheap compared to what functions they perform.

So in this blog post, we will be discussing the prices of phone stand and phone holder in Nigeria.

Also to be considered in this article is difference between phone holder and phone stand.

Difference Between Phone Holder & Phone Stand

Both phone holder and phone stand are devices used to keep the phone above the ground without being held with hands.

They are both devices used to enhance video communication using smartphones.

However the major difference between phone stand and phone holder is that phone stand can be used to elevate the phone very high from ground while phone holder can only keep the phone little high above the ground.

Phone holder are mostly used to stand a phone on a desk or car dashboard while recording or during video communication while phone stand can Independent be used to stand a phone for recording or video communication.

Price of Phone Holder in Nigeria

There are many types and brands of phone holder in Nigeria.

The final price of phone holder is determined by it’s functions, durability and seller.

The average price of phone holder in Nigeria is N4000 to N4500. Nevertheless, some simple phone holder can go at price of as low as N2500 to N3000.

Price of Phone Stand in Nigeria

Phone stand prices in Nigeria ranges between N8000 to N25,000.

The wide disparity in price range is as result of functions, quality and dealers.

Most phone stand are multi purpose in nature and can be used to perform other video manipulations.

Some phone stand comes in tripod stand form and is multi purpose in the sense that they can be used to operate other devices such as camera, ring lights etc.

End Note on the Prices of Phone Stand and Phone Holder

From the above literature,it can be deduced that both important devices are not too expensive considering the job they do especially for content creators.

However when buying, priority should be given to phone stand as most phone stand can still be adjusted to suit a desired situation.

This cannot be said of phone holders as they are used to stand a phone either on a desk ot on car dashboard.


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