Best Places & Locations to Buy Land in Anambra State

The focus of this post is on Anambra best land investments locations and cities.

Cost of land in Anambra State


Landed properties and real estate investments is one of the best investment one can make in country like Nigeria riddled with economic instability.

Land never depreciates and buying land in Anambra state means more because of the fast simultaneously development of the state.

There many land investors who are looking for best locations in Anambra to buy land.

This is part of what we will discuss in this post. Instead of having millions laying idle in your bank account, real estate is one of the best investments in Nigeria.

Nigeria’s economic instability especially it’s currency depreciation against US dollars has made it wise that people leave bulk of their spare moneis in investment like lands and real estate rather than in cash.

This article is not just for Anambra indigenes alone but for others persons or groups who might have interest in buying land in Anambra cities and developing real estates.

In this post, you will discover the average cost of land in Anambra state.

Also, you will discover the best places to buy land in Anambra state and why is it important that you acquire land in Anambra especially if you’re from the state.

Anambra people are known for their high entrepreneurial skills and hence many people from the state invests heavily in real estate and lands.

Through this post, questions about real estate and buying land in Anambra will be addressed.

Why You Should Consider Buying Land / Real Estate in Anambra State

Anambra state is one of the very unique states in southern Nigeria.

Almost all parts of the state is semi urban centers and this has placed so much potentials in most real estate across the state.

Also, the state is filled with numerous major markets and emerging cities.

Hence, there’s high influx of people into the state and rapid urbanisation and expansion.

Furthermore more, landed properties in the state has become more profit yielding unlike before.

Rents across major cities like Awka, Onitsha and Nnewi is among the highest across Nigeria, perhaps behind Abuja,Lagos and Port Harcourt.

So people who have commercial houses and landed properties in Anambra are making more out of it unlike before.

Do not forget that the state is one of the newest oil producing state and has one of the top 5 cities with highest population and clusters of people in Nigeria.

All these are some of the factors that makes buying land in Anambra a good investment.

Best Locations & Places to Buy Land in Anambra

Almost all parts of Anambra state is considered a good location for land investments.

However, there are currently the areas with higher potential for development and hence they are ranked among the top places to buy land in Anambra for real estate investments.

These are places we regard as Anambra best locations for land and real estate investments.

Below is the best emerging cities in Anambra state suitable for buying land.

Lands at Nkwelle: Average Cost

One of the hottest places people are buying land currently in Anambra state is Nkwelle.

Currently,the town has the highest cluster of private residential homes and duplexes.

The choice of people investing in land at Nkwelle is obviously because of the town’s proximity to Onitsha.

The currently, the average cost of a plot of land 50:100 in Nkwelle is N2.5 million.

It is a good location to buy land in Anambra state.

Lands at Oba: Average Cost

Oba in Idemmili is a good location to buy land in Anambra state.

Some of the reasons why many people have moved to Oba while others are buying land there is for the following reasons: nearness to Onitsha markets and Second Niger bridge.

The average cost of a standard plot of land at Oba currently is N3 million.

Lands at Awka: Average Cost

Awka despite being the capital city still has some virgin lands especially at Agu Akwa.

However, you will most likely be buying from a reseller. The average cost of standard plot of land in Awka is N8 – N10 million.

Lands at Enugu Agidi: Average Cost

Buying land in Enugu Agidi is a good location for real estate in Anambra state.

The town is 10 mins drive from Awka and is host town for some major government agencies like NTA, NIMC etc.

A lot of people have and are still buying land at Enugu Agidi.

The average cost of standard plot of land in Enugu Agidi is N4 million.

Lands at Umunya: Average Cost

The biggest shoe market in Anambra state is located at Umunya and this has increased the potential of lands in the town.

Average cost of 50:100 plot of land at Umunya is about N2.5 million.

Most people have bought and have commenced development of land in this location in Anambra state.

Lands at Nibo: Average Cost

Nibo because of its nearness to Awka and Amawbia is a good choice location for invest in land in Anambra state.

The price of plot of land in this part of Anambra is about N3.5 million.

Lands at Isuaniocha: Average Cost

If you’re looking for good location to buy land around Awka Anambra state, then you might want to consider Isuaniocha town.

This town is 10 mins drive from Awka and has many upcoming new real estates. It is a good location for tenant house in Awka.

Lands at Nnewi: Average Cost

Nnewi is one of the best places in Anambra to buy land. The town has the biggest motorcycle market in West Africa.

So, the demand for commercial house in this part of Anambra state is very high.

So, it is good location of invest in land in Anambra state.

However,land will be scarce and limited as most indigenes won’t consider selling.

The average cost of a plot of land at Nnewi is N8 million.

Cost of Buying Lands in Anambra: Overview

Some of our readers will be amazed that we didn’t include cost of buying land in Onitsha and other cities in Anambra state.

The reason is that most plots in the city is already developed.

Those who wish to own a property there is most likely to buy an already existing house.

Generally, the prices of plots of land in Anambra mentioned in this article is finally at the discretion of the owners.

However, what we did was to present the average cost of buying land in these emerging cities in Anambra state.


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