Best Places to Buy Apple iPhones & Gadgets in Onitsha

This article will dwell on the best places to buy iphones in Onitsha, Anambra State. Onitsha is one of the cities in Nigeria with major and biggest open markets in Nigeria. One of the popular markets in Onitsha is the phones and gadgets markets.

This is market where mobile phones of numerous brands such as Apple, Samsung and gadgets are sold.

Apple iphones and gadgets are not cheap phones and gadgets, as result, not all phone stores and dealers engage in the sales of Apple phones especially in Onitsha.

Also, the expensiveness and luxury that comes from Apple iPhones and gadgets makes buyers look out for the best Apple major stores in Onitsha where originality and quality is guaranteed.

This is why we took out time to discuss the best places in Onitsha to buy Apple iPhones and apple gadgets.

Are There Apple iPhone Stores in Onitsha?

A lot of people are asking the location of Apple iPhone Stores in Onitsha where original Apple iPhones and gadgets are sold.

Fact is that there is currently no official Apple stores in Onitsha, Anambra state. Apple iPhones sold at Onitsha are done by private and independent dealers.

More importantly, there are very few dealers of Original Apple products in Onitsha. This is why you should be careful when you are in Onitsha to buy Apple iPhone and other gadgets so as to avoid being ripped off by middlemen who will mislead you and rob you off your hard earned money.

There are certain Apple iPhone and products sellers at Onitsha and these are places you could find them and places to buy Apple iPhone in Onitsha.

  • NIMEK Plaza
  • Ejison Plaza
  • Fine Brothers
  • Finet Plaza/Stores

Inside the first two plazas, you would find only a very few dealers which you can inquire about from shop owners oo especially the elderly ones and not passersby or young people rooming within the market.

Most times, these Onitsha Apple iPhone sellers and dealers do not have banners or signages,hence asking from someone within the market who is a shop owner is some of the easiest ways you could location the stores in Onitsha where Apple phones and products are sold.

Where Can I Buy Apple iPhone in Awka?

Just like Onitsha, Awka does not have official Apple stores within the city.

However, there are some independent mobile phones sellers that engage in sales of Apple iPhones and other Apple products like Apple smart watch. The only places you could check out Apple iPhones in Awka are:

  • Fine Brothers
  • Finet Plaza/Stores

These are two major stores in Awka where you could check out for places in Awka where you could buy Apple iPhone and other apple gadgets.

This post doesn’t rule out existence of other stores with these cities where you could buy Apple iPhone cheap in Onitsha & Awka, but the above stated stores here are some of the places we are sure of.

Also, through tips we have in this article, you can locate other stores in Onitsha where Apple iphones are sold and cheaper in prices too.

Morestill, if you are not comfortable and not convinced on how to but Apple iPhone in Onitsha stores, you could explore online option by making order of Apple iPhone from major e-commerce websites in Nigeria.


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