Best Places To Buy Mobile Phones & Accessories In Onitsha, Anambra State

Mobile phones and its accessories are some of very important gadgets that have become part of our lives.

best places to buy phones at onitsha anambra state

Where are the best places to buy phones and gadgets in Onitsha? The biggest phones and accessories markets in Nigeria can be found at Lagos and Onitsha.

Buying phone accessories in Onitsha can be cost effective. But more importantly is finding the best places and dealers in Onitsha that sells phone accessories.

For those who rely on Onitsha market for their mobile phone purchases and its accessories, we will be discussing the best and biggest phone markets at Onitsha Anambra State.

If you are looking for the best places to buy phone cheap in Onitsha, you need to be careful as their are many sharp practices inside Onitsha phone markets.

Phones and its accessories markets at Onitsha is located at popular New Market Road, main market, Onitsha.

Below are the major markets and plazas where phones and its accessories are sold at Onitsha.

These plazas or markets serves as the major feeder to other markets in and outside the state. In summary, this article answers the question of “where is the best place to buy phones at Onitsha?”.

Where is Onitsha Phone Accessories Market Located?

Onitsha phones and phone accessories market is located majorly at New market Road Onitsha main market.

It is a very popular part of the Onitsha main market and it is the best place to buy phone accessories in wholesale prices in Onitsha.

Below are some major and top phone accessories markets and plazas in Onitsha.

Nimek Plaza

Nimek Plaza popularly known as Emeka Offor Plaza is market building owned by Nigerian oil magnet, Sir, Emeka Offor.

The Plaza is a 3 storey building comprising of over 250 shops fully occupied by phone and accessories dealers as well as phone repair engineers.

At this Plaza you can get variety of phone accessories and mobile phones.

Ejison Mobile World Plaza

Ejison mobile world is a phone and its accessories market situated next to Nimek plaza at new market Road.

Ejison mobile world is a 3 storey building comprising over 500 shops also,all occupied by phone and electronic gadgets dealers. Phone and gadget engineers can also be found at Ejison plaza.

This is one of the best location in Onitsha to buy bluetooths and wireless headsets. One of the top and major dealers is Elonel (07036281929).

Emodi Plaza

Emodi plaza is opposite Nimek Plaza and is one of the oldest phone markets at Onitsha. Emodi plaza houses phone and accessories dealers.

City Plaza

City plaza is located at Okwei street. It is a building of over 500 shops housing traders dealing on phones, laptops and their accessories.

Digital Plaza

Digital plaza is located at New Market road, Opposite GTBank. Just like City plaza, Digital plaza is occupied by both phone dealers and computer dealers.

Other Top Phone Dealers At Onitsha, Anambra State


Slot is a well-known phones and gadgets merchant in Nigeria. They have outlets across major Nigeria cities like Lagos, Enugu, Port Harcourt, Abuja etc.

At Anambra, Slot is located at Onitsha and their address is New Market Road to be precise. They are also a great place to buy phones and its accessories.


CEMA is another top dealer of mobile phones at Onitsha, Anambrta state. CEMA has two outlets at Onitsha main market.

CEMA phone stores are located at new market road, opposite Ecobank while CEMA old market road can be located beside MTN office, Ogbo mmanu.

Fine Brothers

Fine Brothers is a big name in phones and accessories sales. Their outlets are scattered all over Nigeria.

Fine Brothers has outlets at Awka, Anambra state. Fine Brothers operates two outlets at Awka Anambra state capital, their outlets can be found at popular Unizik junction by GUO park.

They can also be found at Nnamdi Azikiwe Avenue, Awka,besides NEPA office ,Awka.


Onitsha phones and accessories markets are highly occupied with middlemen who are in constant habit of short changing buyers.

So, buyers at Onitsha market are highly advised to avoid seeking help of middlemen or consenting to strangers who show up asking to help you get the best of items you seek.

Simple walk round the market, walk straight into any shop you feel that has item you seek and speak with shop owner.


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