Best POS Machines in Nigeria (2023)

Fast & Reliable POS Machines in Nigeria

Point of sale machines popularly called POS machines in Nigeria is one of the major technologies defining this century.

Best Pos Machines in nigeria

The machines has closed the gap created in many unbanked areas while creating huge employments in Nigeria.

POS use in Nigeria has not only consolidated the CBN’s cashless policies, it has also helped many businesses growth and operate seamlessly.

Before now, only commercial banks are licensed to issues point of sales to customers who meets the requirements for getting POS machines in Nigeria.

Currently, there are many licensed fintech companies and financial institutions that issues out POS to needing customers and publics.

So, there is a now competition between financial institutions and fintech companies in trying to position their POS as the best in Nigeria.

Studies has shown that majority of POS machines in operation in Nigeria are used to perform basic banking services rather than business transactions.

These are services that includes but not limited to cash deposits, withdrawals and bills payments.

Often times, POS operators in Nigeria seek to acquire best POS Machines in Nigeria.

The question is what are the best POS Machines in Nigeria and what makes POS machines best in Nigeria.

The best and top POS machines in Nigeria are those with longer lasting batteries, easy and fast network connectivity as well as strong and secure.

These are some features that makes POS best among users.

In this article, we will be providing some POS Machines in Nigeria that we consider best POS Machines in Nigeria.

Also, this post will shed light on POS machine use in Nigeria as major force for push for cashless economy in Nigeria.

What Are Best POS Machines in Nigeria?

The best POS machines in Nigeria are those that processes transactions fast and can easily pick up networks for transaction.

These POS are considered best POS for businesses in Nigeria.

Also, those POS that are strong, secure and fast are good POS machine for POS business in Nigeria.

Below is the list of POS machines that we take as the best and fastest POS machines in Nigeria.

Zenith Money POS Machine

Zenith money is the product of Zenith bank under which point of sale machines are given to customers to help accelerate the seamless operation of their business or to perform basic banking services on behalf of the bank.

POS machines and services from Zenith bank are considered one of the best POS machines in Nigeria because of its fast and reliable networks.

It is a good POS machine for POS businesses and POS stand in Nigeria.

Quickteller POS Machine

Quickteller POS is point of sale machine of Interswitch, a top fintech company in Nigeria.

The company is one of the leading online payment processing companies in Nigeria and Africa.

Their POS machines is the best for business in Nigeria.

It is very secured and hardly has network failures. It is a good POS for business operation in Nigeria.

OPay POS Machine

Another mobile money processing company in Nigeria with one of the best POS machines in Nigeria is OPay.

OPay POS is one the cheapest POS in Nigeria.

The point of sale machine also offer freedom and security in online payments and transactions.

The charges for OPay POS in Nigeria is also cheap and this leaves operators with good profit.

It is a good POS machine for POS stand business in Nigeria.

Kudi POS Machine

Kudi POS machines are very cheap and fast.

They are product of Kudi a financial service provider with focus on electronic banking and financial services.

Charges for Kudi POS are very cheap. Kudi POS is also very easy to operate.

It is user friendly and this makes it a good POS for mobile money agents in Nigeria.

PayCentre POS Machine

PayCentre is another innovative fintech company in Nigeria that is driving finacial inclusion in the country through giving out POS to customers to perform agent banking.

With PayCentre M-POS you can be guaranteed of fast and secured POS machine.

Their commission for services such as withdrawal and deposits is one of the cheapest in Nigeria.

M-POS owned by PayCentre is no doubt one of the top performing POS in Nigeria with good security.


Gtbank POS machine is another best POS machine in Nigeria that is fast and good at service and network provision.

To obtain this POS machine, you need to have an account with GTBank and also provide the necessary requirements with ranges from payment for the POS, address of user and BVN.

The cost of GTBank POS machine is about N40,000. It is one of POS machine in Nigeria that is the best for POS business.

Palmpay POSĀ 

This is one of the best rated POS machines in Nigeria for fast transactions.

It is owned by one of the mobile money companies in Nigeria. Palmpay POS machine cost between N30,000 and N36,000.

It is POS machine with stable network and fast transactions processing.


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