Top 10 Best Professional Engineering Certifications & Courses in Nigeria (2024)

Best Professional Courses / Certifications for Engineers in Nigeria

Engineering is a noble profession that is very vital for any meaningful development of any nation.

Professional engineering courses in Nigeria

It is one of the most sought after academic courses in Nigeria. As the world continues to evolve, new engineering fields continues to emerge.

Technology has become the bedrock of our society and the most sought after engineers are those who creates and manipulate technology to improve lives and welfare.

In the recent times, computer and software engineering has become very popular especially in Nigeria.

The result of this has been emergence of tech startups in different sectors in Nigeria ranging from finance to transportation.

To become a morden engineer in today’s Nigeria comes with a lot of knowledge and experience in Information Technology (IT) and use of smart gadgets to provide solutions.

Also, it is norm among engineers in Nigeria to attend courses and acquire certifications in some relevant fields which helps keep them in job and make them assets.

For young and fresh engineers, questions like what are the best certifications for engineers in Nigeria always come to mind.

This is why this article is geared towards providing the best professional courses for engineers and engineering graduates in Nigeria.

These are best engineering certification for engineers in Nigeria.

Certification Courses for Engineers in Nigeria

It does not not really matter what engineering filed you majored in, some certification are just hot and highly looked for in Nigeria Currently.

As a computer science engineer, software engineering, mechanical engineer or electrical/ electronics engineer, these professional courses and certification are very essential for keeping you in business in this century.

Web Development / Programming Certification

Courses and good knowledge of web and software development is very essential for engineers of 21st century.

Engineers who majored in software engineering, computer engineering and electrical/electronics engineering are expected to undertake courses in this fields as it is one of the most sought-after by tech firms and multinational.

In this engineering professional course, an engineer is expected to get acquainted with some following programs:

  • PHP Laravel Framework
  • Java script programming
  • WordPress Training

Coding & Software Courses

As an IT professional and tech engineer, having good knowledge of programming language and coding is very essential and is also rewarding.

Engineers with good knowledge of this course and field are very hot in Nigeria labor and tech market.

The some certifications and mastery that are demanded here are:

  • JAVA
  • C#
  • C++

It Cost a significant amount to learn this engineering certifications, however, it’s rewards are very huge and outweighs the cost.

Database Management Courses

Database Management certification is very essential for engineers and IT professionals in Nigeria.

Server management is very important for running of tech business and IT companies.

As a result, engineers who wants to belong to the future scramble to get courses and certification on SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL etc.

Hardware Engineering Course / Certification

This is also very good professional engineering course which it’s certification can make an engineer or IT person an assets.

Certification one is required to get here is CompTIA A+ Certification.

Project Management Certification

This is one of the most popular engineering certification in Nigeria.

It’s knowledge allows professionals to track, keep records, collects all vitals of a project with help of Microsoft management tools.

It assist professionals to manage and harness projects so as to maintain standards, met deadlines, keep records etc.

Graphic Designs

Civil engineers, computer engineers and software engineers hold this certification very dear.

This certification or course will equip users with use of text, symbols and images to achieve output.

It can be for web or project execution. Here, one is expected to get certification on:

  • Web design
  • BIM
  • Revit (Auto Cad Civil 3D)

Information Technology Security Certification

Cyber security and attacks is a very priority for most businesses.

Protection of company online assets can cost very huge.

An IT professional and engineer who takes courses on the IT security firewall protection have their places guaranteed in labour fields.

Networking & Cloud Computing

Professionals who can manage and maintain hardwares are still very important in our society.

Hence, professionals are advised to undertake courses that certify their proficiency on computer networking and cloud computing.

Mobile Applications Development

This is one of the fastest growing areas in IT sector at moment.

Professionals who can manipulate these programmes Ionic 2, Angular 2, and TypeScript are constantly needed by tech firms and fintech coys.

Here you will go through courses on:

  • HTTP
  • CSS
  • Javascript

Linux (UNIX)

This software course allows you to search for files, troubleshoot to ascertain faults and allows for effective and free flow of work.

Linux has been in use for over a decade and course in Linux can be taken within one month.


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