Best Profitable Business Opportunities in Port Harcourt

Rivers state and it’s capital,Port Harcourt is one the of the best states for lucrative businesses and investments in Nigeria.

Best business to start in port Harcourt

The capital city of Port Harcourt is very strategic and critical to Nigeria’s economy for many reasons.

The Port Harcourt is highly commercialised, industrialised and urbanised too.

While Rivers state is one of the biggest oil producing states in Nigeria, the state especially it’s capital Port Harcourt is characterized with economic activities which can be linked to the teeming population and industrial growth in the city.

Every state in Nigeria has its peculiar challenges and positivities.

Hence every state in Nigeria tends to be suitable to certain business opportunities and investments.

So, certain businesses are much viable in certain states because of certain factors which can be population, urbanisation, industrialization, average population age and natural resources etc.

Port Harcourt,the Rivers state capital is one of the Nigeria’s biggest cities with over 4 million populations.

This has made Port Harcourt and the entire Rivers state a good business destination state in Nigeria.

Having spend some of my early years in the city,it is important to note that while Rivers state and it’s capital Port Harcourt is good state for businesses in Nigeria, certain businesses and investments are much more viable, profitable and lucrative in Port Harcourt.

So, we will be discussing the best businesses opportunities that are available in Port Harcourt and Rivers state in general.

Best Businesses & Investments Opportunities in Port Harcourt

Below are some of the best and profitable business you can start in Port Harcourt.

Because of peculiarities of the city, the following businesses opportunities in Port Harcourt are more viable and lucrative too.

Supermarket ( Shopping Mall)

One stop shop is one of the best viable business opportunities in Port Harcourt.

People who run supermarkets , shopping malls and one stop shop in Port Harcourt are smiling to the bank.

It is no surprising that the city is behind Lagos in number of shopping malls and one stop shopping centers.

Supermarket has proven to be a very viable investment opportunity in Port Harcourt because of the shopping culture of people living in the city.

Also, the city is one of the very few cities in Nigeria with night life.

So,these malls can run late into the evening. Just choose a good location and serve the people in the locality.

Bar / Lounge / Night Club

Starting any of the drinking bar, lounge or night club is a very profitable business in Port Harcourt and Rivers state.

The people and inhabitants of the state are very social and can spend fortune to have the best relaxations and cooling off.

People who operate good quality bar, lounge or night clubs in Port Harcourt are making it big time.

In simple terms,beer parlour business in Port Harcourt is very profitable and viable. It is a very good and moving business in Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

During my time in the city, I don’t miss Sunday’s live band show at Perculiar Lounge,Okilton.

It is a business you should consider starting up in Port Harcourt with budget of 1million and above.

Wholesale of Plastic & Can Soft Drinks

Soft Drink consumption in Rivers state, particularly Port Harcourt is overhelming.

Starting soft drink distribution business in Port Harcourt is highly viable.

Being a wholesaler or distributor of Coca Cola,Pepsi, RC, House of CHI products is very lucrative.

Wholesale of soft drink business is one of the businesses you can start with N500,000 in Port Harcourt.

Auto Spare Parts Trading

Trading of auto parts in Port Harcourt is a very good investment in Rivers state.

The number of cars within Rivers state and environs is very high in numbers.

This has created a thriving business for those trading auto spare parts in Port Harcourt.

So, selling of auto spare parts is one of the fast thriving business in Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

Motel & Hotel

Investment in hospitality is a very good moving business in Port Harcourt.

Be it hotels, motels or guest house, all forms of hospitality business in Rivers state is highly lucrative and present a viable investment for people who wishes to invest in the city.

Some of the biggest and most exotic hotels in Nigeria can be traced to Port Harcourt.

It is a state that witnesses high influx of visitors both oil workers and business executives.

Those who has invested right in this sector in Port Harcourt has never regretted such good investment.

Oil Servicing Company

Rivers state is one of the biggest oil producing states in Nigeria with numerous oil fields and oil facilities scattered across the state.

This makes operation of oil servicing firm in the state a good investment opportunity.

Oil servicing companies are abound in the state and more is still needed.

Setting up an oil servicing company in Rivers state has overtime proven to be one of the best investment opportunities in Port Harcourt and Rivers state in general.

However, it is always advisable to have engineering background especially in petrochemical industry to be adequately enqiupped to run such a firm.

Trading of Safety Equipments

If you are looking for a very profitable and fast moving business to start in Port Harcourt, then I would recommend,trading and selling of safety equipments such as shoes, hand gloves, helmets, safety jackets etc.

There are numerous foreign and local construction and oil companies in Rivers state.

These company engaged in heavy procurement of safety materials and equipments.

It is a big and good business to sell safety accessories in Port Harcourt.


Many people in Port Harcourt eat out and this is very good business for those who operate restaurants in Port Harcourt.

Those who operate very clean and tidy restaurants with tasty meals in Port Harcourt are not lacking in profit.

This is why you find many restaurants in the city ranging from Genesis,Pepperoni etc.

Many people during the week days have very little time for domestic chores like cooking.

Hence many eat out and this is very good for those in restaurants business in Port Harcourt.

Event Center Renting

If you have empty landed property in the capital of Rivers state, Port Harcourt, then you can convert it to top notch event center and make money.

Provided the Event center is very enqiupped and secure, it will be a very viable income generation business in Port Harcourt.

Phones & Phone Accessories Sales

We are in the tech age and the use of phones and it’s accessories has become part of our everyday lives.

This is why you should consider starting phone accessories business in Port Harcourt as a good business.

It is among best business you can start with N1 million naira in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Sale of phone accessories is also very profitable in Port Harcourt as the city houses many higher institution.

So, it is one of our recommended fast moving business in Port Harcourt.

Clothing & Wears Boutique

Selling and trading of wears and accessories such as clothes,jewries, shoes has proven overtime to be a good and high profit yielding business in Port Harcourt.

The city is highly populated and greater number of those living in the city are youths.

Hence fashion business is a viable business to start in Port Harcourt.


Listing of school as one of the best business in Rivers state especially Port Harcourt might not sound normal, but it is what it is.

Running very good private school can be very rewarding financially to the proprietor.

Top day care, nursery, primary and secondary schools in Port always attract wards of highly placed in the state.

School with Montessori system is always open to having children of very rich and popular personalities enrol in them.

So, it is a very good business side to be looking at especially if you have the resources and degree in education and academic requirements.


The Author

Emmanuel Igwenagu

Igwenagu Emmanuel is the founder of Nigerian Informer. He holds B.A, M.Sc in Mass Communication. He is a Communication researcher and 112 emergency help line dispatcher.


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