5 Best Quality Condoms In Nigeria (2024)

The best quality condoms in Nigeria are the ones that can withstand rough sexual intercourse. On 13th of February annually, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the largest non-profit HIV/AIDS organization in the world, operating in 44 countries, celebrates International Condom Day (ICD).

quality condoms in nigeria

The Non- Governmental Organization (NGO) decided to adopt their past theme “Safer is Sexy” for this year theme of International Condom Day.

International Condom Day is celebrated on 13th of February, a day before Valentine’s s day as a way of awakening people consciousness that using of condom prevents Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) like HIV and unwanted pregnancy.

In this post, Nigerian Informer will be listing top 5 male quality condoms in Nigeria.

Top Quality Condoms In Nigeria


Durex condom, a product of London based rubber company founded in 1915 is the best quality condom in Nigeria . Durex is regarded as world no 1 condom brand.

Durex became the first to develop electronic tested condoms that enhances pleasure during sex. It doesn’t discriminate organs sizes as it comes in different sizes ranging from L, XL, XXL.

You can find Durex condom in most major pharmaceutical shops. Some do argue that Durex is one of most expensive condoms in Nigeria, but facts remain that it is cheaper to prevent disease than to cure it.

Durex, despite its number of years in the business, is still regarded as the best condom in terms of quality and increased pleasure.


Fiesta condoms are made to meet the highest international quality standards. All condom products by Fiesta are electronically tested and can last during sex.

Fiesta condoms comes in different colors, sizes and textures too. Fiesta condoms is backed by DKT international, a non-governmental organization for family planning and prevention of HIV /AIDS.


Another condom in Nigeria that do not burst during sex is Lifestyles condom owned by a Chinese consortium Humanwell Healthcare & CITIC Capital.

The Chinese company acquired the condom company for $800 million from the former Australian owners, Ansell Limited.

Lifestyles condoms comes in different sizes and flavors too. Their condoms are well lubricated for smooth intercourse, high sensation and pleasure.

In one of their adverts, a woman said, “I will do a lot for love, but am not ready to die for it”. You can get down with Lifestyles condoms, it’s one of top condoms around in Nigeria.


Trojan condom is an American based condom. Trojan is one of the most trusted condoms in Nigerian market.

It is regarded as American most trusted sexual health brand. Trojan condom accommodates male sexual organ of different sizes as the condom comes in varieties of sizes with lubricants.

Rough Riders

Rough Riders condoms are studded, lubricated and textured for increased pleasure and sensation.

Best condom in Nigeria  for those that love rough sex is rough riders. It is also one of the cheapest quality condoms one can find in a pharmaceutical stores in Nigeria. It is also electronically tested. It is one of the best condoms around in pharmaceutical stores.


It is better safe than sorry, unprotected sex is dangerous and exposes one to Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

Abstinence from pre and extra marital sex remain the best way to stay free from Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). For those who cannot abstain, make sure you always use top quality condoms.


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